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Azure: Lemon Muffin

Azure: Lemon Muffin

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Azure is a newer hookah tobacco on the market and will soon be making its way over to SouthSmoke! It is handcrafted in California under strict guidelines that have been passed down for generations. Azure has two lines of their delicious handmade shisha: gold and black. The gold line is of course made using washed tobacco leaves with a lower nicotine content. The black line is super buzzy and definitely not for the faint of heart due to its higher nicotine content, perfect for more experienced hookah smokers. One word we would use to describe Azure: strong. If you like full bodied, long-lasting flavors, Azure may be for you. They are very consistent with quality and are skilled at perfectly recreating flavors, even flavors rarely or never before seen in the hookah industry.

First Impressions

Azure Lemon Muffin sounded very intriguing to me, as I love my citrus flavors and muffins are the best pastry ever. So I was absolutely stoked to get the opportunity to try this flavor. As soon as I tore the seal off the top of the super convenient resealable bag, I was smacked in the face by lemony goodness with a hint of buttery richness that took me straight back to my grandmother’s kitchen after a long day of baking. It was very strong and smelled heavenly. I could not wait to try this shisha!

The Smoke

Azure Lemon Muffin is 100% true to its name: it tastes EXACTLY like a lemon muffin. I was blown away by this flavor. A lot of pastry flavors are hit or miss, but Azure Lemon Muffin hit the nail on the head. The lemon is bright but the muffin keeps it warm and very true to flavor. The buzz was very strong as well, as this was the Azure Black Line, although it is also available in the Gold Line. The clouds were big, fluffy, and so much fun. This flavor also mixes beautifully with Azure Cinnamon Cookie, which we discovered during our experimenting. Overall, I would definitely smoke Azure Lemon Muffin again. It is actually our favorite from Azure! Find it soon on!

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