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Azure Hookah Tobacco - Summer Shisha Flavor Release

Azure Hookah Tobacco - Summer Shisha Flavor Release

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Beat the Heat with Azure Hookah Summer Flavors

It may be late summer, but it’s never too late for new summer shisha flavors! You know those flavors that just chill the whole body after being in the hot sun. Bold, refreshing fruity tastes that just hit the palette different. Azure Hookah Tobacco comes in clutch with a shisha flavor release at the tick of midnight at the end of summer. A perfect way to end the season with your favorite fruity tastes like Watermelon, Pomegranate and Peach! Let’s dive on in to the pool for one last time as well as the latest release from Azure Tobacco.

New Azure Shisha Flavors Review

Azure Hookah Tobacco just keeps on adding to their long list of delicious hookah blends. With most shisha flavors being available in both the Azure Gold Line blonde tobacco and the Azure Black Line dark leaf tobacco, the options are endless. All levels of hookah enthusiasts can enjoy the fruits of Azure Hookah’s labor. Years of shisha producing experience, the pride of local hookah enthusiasts, and made in America, Azure cares about your hookah session. The latest release of premium flavors is at now!

Azure Hookah Life’s A Peach

So, Azure already has some great peach hookah flavors to choose from. Carolina Peach tends to be a sweet, candy-like peach. Kind of like sour peach gummies. And, Winter Peach is pretty straight forward. A simple peach with menthol for those that like the extra chill. Life’s A Peach brings you that natural southern peach flavor. Juicy, smooth peach with a little tang picked right off the tree.

Azure Tobacco Pomegranate

New to this exotic fruit? Many smokers don’t know the taste of pomegranate fruit and tend to stay away from the unknown. Think similar to cranberries. Fairly tart with a bit of sweetness underneath. Growing in popularity throughout the hookah world, pomegranate shisha is definitely worth a try.

Azure Hookah Watermelon

Everybody loves watermelon, right? The ultimate summer taste. Mix it in a drink, eat it straight up, or enjoy some watermelon candy! The latter is what Azure is going for in this shisha flavor. A sweet candied watermelon flavor that you are sure to enjoy.

Buy Azure Tobacco Flavors at

If you are looking for the latest shisha flavors that Azure Tobacco has to offer, is the place to find them. Every Azure Hookah flavor available in the Gold and dark leaf tobacco Black Lines are available at the lowest prices online. Use your Smoke Points Rewards for your next Azure Shisha shipment or build them in your account with your next Azure purchase. Search the long list of delicious tastes from Azure Tobacco now and let us know which one is your favorite!

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