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Azure Hookah Tobacco - Shisha Flavors Release

Azure Hookah Tobacco - Shisha Flavors Release

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Azure Shisha Flavors to Add to the Hookah Selection

One’s hookah flavor collection is never complete. Too many shisha flavors to choose from is not a thing. Too little hookah shisha flavors, on the other hand, is quite the conundrum. Sometimes the lack of blends can be downright depressing. We live to try new shisha flavors. Don’t get bored of your shisha selection and stock up with new blends from Azure Hookah Tobacco! A recent release brings 5 new hookah shisha tastes that will look pretty on your shisha menu.

All-New Shisha Flavors from Azure Hookah Tobacco

There seems to be a commonality between the new Azure Tobacco flavors with this latest release. A similar idea can be seen in each shisha flavor profile. Like someone was toying with soft drink mixes to find the perfect hookah blend. Many of these shishas can be combined to create a popular refreshment. Two of them make famous bottled drinks on their own! Add lime to your Mexican cola with Azure Lime and MexiCola or drink an icy root beer with Azure Alaskan Ice and Root Beer. See what I mean with the hookah flavor descriptions below! All of these flavors are available in both the Azure Black and Gold shisha lines.

Azure Tobacco MexiCola

You’ve tried cola flavored shisha before. Now smoke Azure MexiCola, a Mexican bottled cola from south of the border. You know the flavor profile. A world-renowned soft drink flavor with a distinct sweet cola taste that exclusively comes from our friends to the south. A new flavor profile to the hookah world.

Azure Tobacco Alaskan Ice

As cold as the icy waters of northern Alaska! Azure Alaskan Ice brings an intense cooling profile to any shisha mix. A pure menthol feel designed more for mixing than smoking on its own. Break out the Eskimo suit for this icy encounter.

Azure Tobacco Route 66

Is passion fruit and melon “in” right now? We didn’t notice… Azure Tobacco brings their version of the popular shisha blend to the table with Azure Route 66. A mix of delicious passion fruit, sweet melon, and mint. No need to mix this hookah flavor as it stands out on its own. Route 66 will take your taste buds for a trip! Azure Tobacco Route 66 Shisha Flavor

Azure Tobacco Lime

A lime above all limes. Azure Lime is a zesty citrus lime flavor that smokes great by itself but we recommend adding it to a shisha mix of your choice. This lime blend will take any hookah flavor mix over the top like adding lime to your favorite cocktail.

Azure Tobacco Root Beer

Your dream of making a shisha root beer float is now obtainable! Azure Tobacco makes it possible with the release of Azure Root Beer. The classic soda pop flavored shisha we’ve all been waiting for with the famous creamy, sweet, and spiced root beer notes. Add in a vanilla hookah flavor of your choice for a delectable dessert shisha blend.

All Azure Flavors at – Hookah Promo Code

If you don’t know Azure Hookah Tobacco by now, you should get acquainted. Find both the Azure Gold and Azure Black Line shisha blends including all of the new Azure flavors at There has never been a better time to test out the Azure Tobacco brand as SouthSmoke has a current hookah promotion code for 15% Off Azure Hookah Tobacco. Use code AZURE15 through the end of February 2021! Take advantage of this limited-time hookah deal before it ends!

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