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Azure Hookah Tobacco - A Formal Introduction

Azure Hookah Tobacco - A Formal Introduction

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Azure Hookah Tobacco – Black and Gold

With their recent release into the U.S. market, Azure Hookah Tobacco is making waves throughout the hookah community. Rave reviews from seemingly every outlet that has to do with Hookah. Bold and true to flavor, taste lasts forever, ridiculous clouds and it takes heat like a champ. Words you’ll see over and over across the web when Azure Tobacco is described.


Azure - Made in the USA

Made in America. Temecula, California to be exact. Azure Shishahas been in production for several years but primarily overseas when it first started out. You see evidence of these worldly affairs in their line of flavors with different tastes from around the world. Dubai Apple, Moscow Never Sleeps, Viva La Horchata and Morocco Mentha are just a few in a list of 50 plus blends between Azure Tobacco’s two unique lines. A flavor for every taste bud.

Azure Hookah Tobacco - Gold and Black

Azure Gold Line

Azure Gold Line

Perfect for hookah enthusiasts of any level, the Gold Line from Azure Tobacco is a handcrafted blonde premium hookah tobacco with a mellow buzz. Its strong flavor profile and great cloud output have customers rushing back to try more. The Gold Line is a great cut that’s not too sticky and takes heat well making it easy to pack and smoke in whatever Hookah Bowl you may choose.

Azure Black Line

Reserved for the bold. The Black Line from Azure Tobacco is a fine cut blend of premium dark tobacco and molasses made in small batches to ensure a strong, smooth taste. Beginner hookah smokers beware, this cut has a heavier flavor with a hell of a buzz and ridiculous clouds. But, it still has the long lasting, true to flavor characteristics of the Gold Line. Telltale signs of a great hookah tobacco. The dark beer of Hookah Shisha, the Black Line is a high quality dark hookah tobacco from Azure Tobacco.

Where Can I Buy Azure Shisha Tobacco?

Get your Azure Hookah Tobacco right now at, in 100g resealable packages.

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