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Azure: Cinnamon Cookie Flavored Tobacco Review

Azure: Cinnamon Cookie Flavored Tobacco Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Azure hookah tobacco has been making waves in the hookah world over the past twelve months and it doesn’t look like they will be stopping anytime soon! Especially since Azure's line of flavored hookah tobacco will soon be available through! Azure is handmade in small batches right in California. Their technique has been passed down through generations and has been absolutely perfected over the years. Azure has two lines of hookah tobacco in order to cater to any level of hookah smoker. The Azure Gold Line is less buzzy due to a lower nicotine content, perfect for the newer or casual smoker. The Azure Black Line is fully unwashed and loaded with nicotine, perfect for any of those buzz chasers out there and not for the faint of lungs.

First Impressions

Azure Cinnamon Cookie smells like a sweet, light cinnamon. More of a cinnamon sugar than a spicy, hot cinnamon. If this were a cookie dough, I would have devoured it. So I absolutely could not wait to start smoking it. I packed it in a fluff pack in my Vortex Bowl with the brand new Phoenix HMD 2.0 on top, filled with three CocoUrth cube charcoals. For my hookah of choice, I decided to go with another new arrival here at SouthSmoke: the Vapor Hookahs Finite. The Finite is a killer modern hookah and I absolutely had to take it for a test drive. Needless to say, it smoked perfectly and was easy to pull from. I may be picking one up for myself soon.

The Smoke

I digress, Azure Cinnamon Cookie is delicious. It is definitely a sweet cinnamon and tastes exactly like a sugar cookie that has been garnished with tasty cinnamon sugar. It is certainly reminiscent of something a loved one would bake as a holiday treat or a cookie for a birthday party. This flavor is going to be perfect for winter this year, as it is just enough to warm you up with a cozy, happy feeling. Find your Azure Cinnamon Cookie Flavor on!

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