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ATH Premium Hookah Accessories - Step Up Your Hookah Setup

ATH Premium Hookah Accessories - Step Up Your Hookah Setup

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The Next Step in Your Hookah Journey

With hookah, everyone starts somewhere. For most, it all begins with a friend that has a shisha pipe or someone invites you to a hookah lounge. Then, you become intrigued and want to learn more and buy your own shisha. Usually a convenience store pipe with some cheap shisha tobacco. Next, you learn about Mya Saray and Khalil Mamoon followed by popular shisha brands like Al-Fakher, Fumari, Adalya, and many more. But the evolution of your hookah knowledge doesn’t stop there. The level of hookah products is continually rising along with the size of your shisha collection. Now it’s time to show you are a real hookah enthusiast with stainless steel pipes, premium clay phunnel bowls, heat management devices and dark leaf tobacco. Take the next step in your hookah journey with premium hookahs and hookah accessories from Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH). Let’s check out what's new! Adalya Tobacco Hookah Premium Hookah Hose Handle

ATH Premium Hookah Hose Handle

The Premium Hookah Hose Handle from Adalya Tobacco Hookah (ATH) is a strong and stylish aluminum hookah hose handle for silicone hoses. A colorful resin style plastic sleeve featured in the center of this new hose handle gives just the right pop of color and lets you match your hookah hose with the beautiful ATH hookah bowl line. Available in four colorways including Firuze (teal), Aquamarine (blue), Yakut (dark red), and Rodokrozit (red). Also featured on the ATH Hose Handle is an adjustable valve to regulate the amount of smoke you can pull through the hose. Tighten for a tighter draw or close completely when smoking with friends from a multiple hose hookah like the ATH Charnewa!

ATH Premium Brass Hookah Foil Poker

Set up your hookah in style with the heavy duty ATH Premium Brass Poker from Adalya Tobacco Hookah! An essential piece to creating the best possible hookah session, the hookah foil poker helps to create uniform holes in your hookah foil. A comfortable handle makes building your smoking session simpler and faster. The ATH Premium Foil Poker is quality brass that will complete any quality hookah collection. Give your setup a classy, premium look with this high-end hookah accessory. ATH Premium Brass Hookah Products

ATH Premium Brass Hookah Fork

Pack your hookah shisha tobacco the right way with the all-new ATH Premium Brass Fork from Adalya Tobacco Hookah! Start by mixing in shisha tobacco juices without making a mess. Making sure your shisha flavors are thoroughly soaked in flavoring juices is key to a flavorful hookah session. Sprinkle shisha to the rim of your ATH hookah bowl. Even it out with ease using the heavy-duty Brass Hookah Fork. If you like to mix shisha flavors together the ATH Premium Fork is the perfect tool as well! A good premix ensures that you get the most out of each flavor profile. The hookah fork features a ram's head at the end of the handle along with other intricate designs. A beautiful piece of hookah art.

Buy Adalya Tobacco Hookah Products at!

The list of premium hookah accessories from Adalya Tobacco Hookah is growing and has them all. Along with the new brass products and adjustable hose handles, you can also find the ATH Serhos, Dora, and Charnewa hookahs in many colors! Top off your ATH hookah sets with their stoneware hookah bowls and resin style mouthtips! Who said doesn’t carry premium hookahs and hookah accessories?! The #1 online hookah store has something for every level of smoker from beginner to enthusiast!

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