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ATH - Adalya Tobacco Hookah - Shisha Equipment

ATH - Adalya Tobacco Hookah - Shisha Equipment

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Adalya Tobacco Hookah aka ATH

We all know and love Adalya Shisha Tobacco. Bold flavors like Love 66 and Lady Killer are making their way through hookah enthusiasts groups like wildfire. No way Adalya could get any better right?! Well, the popular shisha tobacco brand outdid themselves with their latest move, modern stainless steel shisha pipes, and premium stoneware hookah bowls. Adalya Tobacco Hookah Equipment Adalya Tobacco was first created in 2004 producing those delicious shisha flavors we mentioned earlier plus many more. More recently, in 2019 under the name ATH – Adalya Tobacco Hookah, they began manufacturing top of the line hookahs and handmade clay shisha bowls. Hookah equipment catered to the biggest enthusiasts created using high-quality materials and precision workmanship. All now available at

Stainless Steel Hookah Pipes from Adalya

If you are like me, you are always in search of your next favorite hookah. That daily driver that can be pulled out for any smoking occasion and blows clouds with the best of them. The Adalya Tobacco Hookahs are just that. Premium stainless steel pipes designed and manufactured with the highest engineering experience. Made in Turkey using high-quality stainless steel, each ATH pipe is rust free, acid-resistant as well as friction and corrosion-resistant. And, the bases are handmade crystal glass bowls produced by Pasabahce, one of the oldest, biggest, and most successful glass manufacturers in the world! Beautiful hookahs that make for great photo ops and pull so smooth you’ll be wondering how the tasty shisha flavors ever got to your lips. Find two ATH lines at SouthSmoke with the L-Steel and T-Steel hookahs. ATH Traverten Phunnel Hookah Bowl

ATH L-Steel Hookah Line

L-Steel stands for Lounge Style Hookah and these pipes are an eyeful. Sleek, modern styling with intricate engravings and clean shapes for an overall elegant look. The ATH L-Steel Hookah line features a closed chamber system with a built-in purge valve for a clean look and effortless purge. The ATH Charnewa is part of this line and features 4 hookah hose ports for smoking with friends.

ATH T-Steel Hookah Line

The ATH T-Steel Hookah line brings high-end stainless steel machining to the time-honored, classic style shisha pipe. A more traditionally shaped hookah but made with more modern and heavier materials. Match it up with the colorful Pasabahce crystal glass vase and you have a work of art. Similar to the L-Steel models, a detachable diffuser creates a quieter hookah session and more filtered smoke. ATH T-Steel Hookah Pipe

Adalya Tobacco Hookah Equipment – 100% Stoneware Shisha Bowls & Hookah Mouth Tips

Accessorize these new hookah pipes from ATH with 100% stoneware hookah bowls and mouth tips to customize your setup! Handmade with premium quality clay, ATH Bowls allow for perfect heat distribution around the bowl and through your favorite hookah shisha. You can find Adalya Tobacco Hookah bowls in two phunnel and Turkish styles as well as a number of unique designs and colorways. The ATH Mouthtip is just icing on the cake. Classy epoxy resin tips that add an extra bit of flair while also allowing you to share the hose with friends and keep your germs to yourself.

Phunnel Hookah Bowls

Among the plethora of ATH Hookah Bowl choices, you can find the ATH Traverten, Alamut, DAR-I Hayat, and Arina bowls in a phunnel bowl style. Phunnel hookah bowls feature a single spire and center hole in the bottom of the bowl that works well with modern, juicy shisha brands as it keeps the molasses and juices inside the bowl instead of running down your hookah stem. The Traverten, Alamut, and DAR-I Hayat also include a lip to perfectly hold hookah accessories like a heat management device to further upgrade your hookah experience. Adalya Tobacco Hookah Arina Turkish Bowl

Turkish Style Shisha Bowls

Fancy a more traditional hookah experience? Try the ATH Adad and Azra hookah bowls with a classic Turkish style hole pattern. With 5 holes in the bottom of the bowl, the Turkish style ATH Bowls work best with classic shisha brands like Adalya Tobacco for bold flavors and long-lasting hookah sessions. Wrap it up with hookah foil and smoke away! These bowls are available in four colorways including Kyanit, Morganit, Oniks, and Traditional clay brown.

Buy ATH Stainless Steel Hookahs at

Step up your hookah game with hookahs and hookah equipment from ATH – Adalya Tobacco Hookah! Adalya Tobacco has exactly what you need with its recent release of high quality, precision-engineered ATH pipes. Find the ATH L-Steel and T-Steel Hookah lines now available at Choose from several stem shapes and crystal glass base colors and cuts. Accessorize your Adalya Tobacco Hookahs with hookah parts and accessories including the latest line of Adalya Hookah bowls as well! Photo credits to @nxtlevelx, @mario_mistersmoke, @machmalkohle, @joshs.shishapalast, and @hookah.austria on Instagram.

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