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April Showers Bring Shisha Flowers

April Showers Bring Shisha Flowers

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Spring Time Shisha

There is a multitude of fruit flavored shishas available but in the spirit of the season we would like to show you our selection of floral flavored shisha. It’s a totally different twist on shisha with a flavor palate that is unmatched.

Starbuzz flavored shisha tobacco for hookahs

Rose – rose is a mild and light flavor that is a top seller available in almost every shisha line. This one tends to be one of the more popular ones. If you are looking for a good brand try Starbuzz or Al-Fakherflavored shishas. Jasmine – this one isn’t as popular as the others on the list but it deserves a spot here. If you like jasmine that is what you are getting with this one. It’s got the same sweet aroma as jasmine candles or flowers. Honey – it has a honey flavor but definitely has a floral feel to it. If you want a light and airy shisha this is a good one. Flower Power – A citrus-floral shisha flavor that’s a worth a shot if you want something a little less common than rose or jasmine. Green Savior – This one has got an intense floral/herbal flavor that is under toned by a mellow spearmint flavor. Lebanese Bombshell – Tastes like smoking cedar wood. It has a forest aroma that will leave you smelling good for hours. If you haven’t yet tried a floral shisha flavor why not give it a go this spring? We have great promotions going to help you save while you stock up for this spring. Ever mixed floral shisha with other shisha flavors? Let us know! Mixing is half the fun of smoking hookah. Reach out to us here or on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! As always enjoy and have fun and if you have questions we are just a phone call away! 1-888-577-6653

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