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Apples: Innovators of Science and Hookahs

Apples: Innovators of Science and Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Apple on Top Hookah Bowl Review

When getting your set up ready, one of the most important factors is hookah bowl choice. Naturally, I have a variety of hookah bowls depending on the situation; what brand of shisha I am using, how many people are partaking, and how long of a session I plan on having are all factors to be considered among others when making the final choice. Recently I am finding that one bowl in particular keeps showing up more and more in my rotation; that bowl is the Apple on Top Hookah Bowl. Apple on Top Bowl

Why Use The Apple On Top Hookah Bowl?

This neat little hookah bowl design keeps grabbing my attention for many reasons but most of the time it is when I have a big group of friends congregating around my hookah station. It has a super deep recess that holds 30g of flavored tobacco easy if not more which is perfect for a big group get together. It is covered in a silicone grip so it can be touched and changed without fear of burning yourself. It is designed in a vortex-style so you can smoke whatever type of tobacco you favor and on top of that, the setup is quick and simple. There is no foil necessary and it is very easy to clean. One of the coolest features is the built in rotating coal screen that lets you manage your heat quick and easy without the need for tongs. The bowl is made of aluminum and overall the design is very difficult to break so you will most likely never need to replace it. Sure the price is higher than your average hookah bowl but it also comes with everything and the kitchen sink so it is well worth it. All in All, the Apple on Top bowl is truly innovative. I doubt even Sir Isaac Newton could have seen this one coming!

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