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Apple On Top Provost 2.0 Heat Management Device Review

Apple On Top Provost 2.0 Heat Management Device Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Enhance Your Hookah Session with the AOT Provost 2.0 HMD

If you haven’t bitten the bullet and upgraded your hookah set up with a heat management device yet, now is the time. The Provost HMD from Apple On Top has been hard to come by lately for 2 reasons. First off, it’s 2020 (thanks Covid), and second, the demand is high for this particular device. Now, you can buy an AOT Provost 2.0 at! Better act fast, the Provost won’t last long. Hailed as the best HMD for smoking shisha, I’ll tell you why. Provost Heat Management Device

Why the Apple On Top Provost?

Apple On Top has been around since hookah heat management devices were created. One of the first HMDs on the market and still the top-performing add-on for your hookah to date. The recent update to the Provost, a version 2.0, changed little and is mostly cosmetic. No need to fix what isn’t broke, right?! Designed to fit perfectly on the Apple On Top hookah bowl, this HMD is versatile and works with most other bowls as well when you set it on hookah foil. AOT Provost 2.0 HMD Review

Better Heat Distribution

When smoking with hookah charcoal on foil, shisha directly below the coals is cooked first, creating hot spots and burned shisha tobacco. The thick base of the AOT Provost HMD circulates and refracts heat more evenly. By uniformly heating the shisha, you eliminate hot spots and cook shisha more efficiently.

More Control of Charcoal Heat

The Provost HMD provides quick and easy adjustments of heat. The obvious feature is the rotating cover to open and close vents but the provost does much more. The bottom of the cover is also notched to help stabilize the lid when balanced on the charcoal and the lower portion of the device. This allows many different levels of heat and the most control on the market. Apple On Top Hookah Accessories

Longer Hookah Sessions, Less Hookah Charcoal

Due to the shape and material used, the Provost keeps temperatures higher, longer. By holding heat inside the device, coals burn more efficiently and last longer. This means fewer coconut coals used per hookah session while also extending your session times significantly.

To Use Hookah Foil or Not to Use Hookah Foil with an HMD?

While most other hookah heat management devices do not need hookah foil, they also only work on perfectly sized bowls. This makes it difficult to customize your hookah setup with any bowl you want. Yes, the Provost was designed to perfectly fit on its AOT Bowl counterpart, but it works on any bowl when you use foil. So yes, hookah foil is needed for the AOT Provost. Believe me, it’s worth it. The Best Hookah Parts - Heat Management Device

How to Control Heat with the AOT Provost

The versatility of the Provost is unmatched. For the highest heat, usually to start a session or in the waning moments of your charcoal, completely cover your coals and close the vents. Open those vents by rotating the silicone handle for just a little more airflow. Shisha starting to get harsh? Need just a little more air? Tilt the lid with one side resting on a charcoal cube and the other still inside the base of the Provost. The next level of adjustment includes using the notches of the lid. Set one edge of the lid on a charcoal cube and use the notches to lock the other edge onto the base of the provost. For the most airflow, take the lid completely off. It takes practice to learn when to make each adjustment. You’ll have total control of your session in no time.

Buy the Apple On Top Provost 2.0 at

Now back in stock at, the Provost won’t be here long. A must-have hookah accessory for hookah enthusiasts looking to better their sessions. Pick up the Apple On Top Hookah Bowl as well for the perfect pairing!

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