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All Natural. Pure Coconut. CocoVapor Charcoal.

All Natural. Pure Coconut. CocoVapor Charcoal.

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Anticipation on Par with Christmas Morning - New CocoVapor Charcoal

We get pretty excited when new products come in and feel that most hookah enthusiasts share in our enthusiasm. The first shipment arrives and the anticipation builds until the first box is opened. Like Christmas morning every time a truck backs up to the receiving dock. Something new to investigate and test out, this time with CocoVapor Charcoal. It also gives us a great excuse to take a break with a much-needed hookah session. CocoVapor Charcoal logo next to Charcoal flats on hookah bowl Today we share our review with the latest from Vapor Hookahs, CocoVapor Coconut Charcoal. A non-quick lighting hookah charcoal made with all natural, compressed coconut shells. Pre-production tested by some VIPs around the hookah industry with an overall consensus of approval. Said to heat up quickly, and improve the quality of every hookah session. But, we’ll save the ins and outs for our own review below.

Fire it Up!

First, let’s go over the initial lighting of the coals. Maybe the most impressive feature of the CocoVapor Charcoals. It’s so quick! Using a preheated electric coil, the flats were ready to smoke in just 4 minutes! 2 minutes on each side and voila, lit and ready for your hookah bowl. Much quicker than most flats that usually take upwards of 6-8 minutes. Just as impressive were the cubes following close behind. The first test had them around 6 minutes and the second, closer to 5. Still quicker than most flats. The quick lighting times are great for lounges with waiting customers as well as individuals that like minimal setup time for their hookah session. No smell while lighting either, a sign of a very clean natural coconut charcoal. So far, so good! Coconut charcoal on electric coil burner

But How Do They Smoke?

Maybe more important than initial lighting time is how these CocoVapor Charcoals affect your smoke. With no taste coming from the charcoals, the hookah tobacco flavors were allowed to flourish and we were able to get the full enjoyment from the session. Very minimal cracking and ash created a clean smoke and heat content and exposure were solid as well. The flats seemed to carry a bit more heat than the cubes and are a great choice if you are looking for coals with easier heat management. Both seem to stay hot for long periods of time. 2-3 cubes will push through the hour mark and some testers have taken them past an hour and a half with no problems. Comparable to some of the top brands out there. Size of the cubes is pretty standard through most brands and CocoVapor is no different. There won’t be any problem fitting them in your hookah heat management device. CocoVapor logo with charcoal cubes on a hookah bowl Overall, the CocoVapor Coconut Charcoals were great natural hookah charcoal with consistent heat performance, quick light up times and no ill effects to the hookah session. A solid start with charcoals from a reputable brand in Vapor Hookahs.

Find Out for Yourself - CocoVapor Charcoal

If you are in the market for a new brand of hookah charcoal, whether your favorite has dropped off in quality lately or you’re just looking for something different and maybe better, CocoVapor Coconut Charcoals are worth a try. CocoVapor Charcoal package sizes 1kg, 1/2kg and 10kg CocoVapor is available in cubes or flats in a 1kg box to stock up for future use or 1/2kg boxes for a trial run. If you want to buy wholesale for retail or your lounge, 10kg boxes of cubes are available as well. Find them all at

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