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Al-Waha Tobacco - Creative New Shisha Flavors

Al-Waha Tobacco - Creative New Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al-Waha Tobacco Has Been Innovating the World of Hookah Since 1972

Creating shisha flavors strong enough to hold up throughout a hookah session without being overwhelming. The tip of the spear for Al-Waha Tobacco. A goal set long ago and still the main objective of the innovators and creators at Al-Waha today. With performance in mind, they pride themselves on being different. Bringing something new to the hookah table. Whether that be with original flavor names, ingenious packaging, or just new flavor mix ideas. Once again, they’ve broken the mold of traditional hookah shisha and provided hookah enthusiasts with 5 all-new delicious flavors. Shisha flavors with unique names, creative flavor profiles, and top-tier performance. Let’s pack a bowl, relax, and break down what’s new from Al-Waha Shisha.

Creativity at its Finest - Al-Waha Shisha

Feel like taking a risk? Try these new Al-Waha Tobacco flavors without learning the flavor profile behind the crazy names. Really, not much of a risk as all of these shisha blends are fire, but it could make a fun game none-the-less. Al-Waha shisha names don’t tend to hint at any flavor specifically but are more for marketing and package design. Sometimes it’s enjoyable to try to guess the flavors as you smoke or with a quick smell before packing a bowl. If that’s how you like to play, read no more and just go pick up some Al-Waha Tobacco at If you aren’t that brave and like to know exactly what you are getting yourself into, we have you covered. Beware spoilers ahead. Alibaba Al-Waha Shisha Flavor - jarred peaches in syrup on wooden cutting board

Al-Waha Alibaba

With hookah being a Middle Eastern tradition, a Middle Eastern style cartoon fits well. Al-Waha Alibaba features artwork reminiscent of the popular Aladdin story with the genie at the forefront. Can you guess the accompanying flavor? I’m going to guess, no. How about a mix of sweet peach with smooth melon and a cooling mint? A delicious smoothie style blend that we can’t put down.

Al-Waha BOB

Bob is for bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Now that song is stuck in my head for the rest of the day. You too? Sorry, not sorry. But seriously, Al-Waha Bob is a cooling, frozen banana flavor profile that’s as smooth as they come. Sweet, soft banana pulled right from the freezer with cool menthol. Al-Waha F*CK 66 Passion Fruit Hookah Flavor - watermelon guava cocktails with passion fruit and lime slices

Al-Waha F*CK 66

At least Al-Waha censored out the “U”. F*CK 66 is actually a pleasant treat of a shisha profile unlike what the name suggests. Very fruity, somewhat exotic, F 66 brings together the tastes of passion fruit, sweet melon, watermelon, and mint. Don’t let the name turn you off, this is must-try shisha tobacco.

Al-Waha Maramello

One high five to anyone that can tell me what Maramello means. To us, it means delectable hookah flavor. Tasty sweet melon mixed with a plethora of exotic fruits and just a little mint. Something we can’t quite pinpoint to one specific flavor but overall is a creative blend. Al-Waha Maramello Exotic Shisha - picture of mangoes, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, kiwis, and tropical fruits

Al-Waha Mento

Who doesn’t like a cooling Mentos to freshen the breath? The taste is the same with Al-Waha Mento. Cooling menthol mint. A great profile to cool down any shisha mix. The only flavor in this batch available in 200g and 50g tobacco containers.

Find All of the New Al-Waha Tobacco at!

Whether you skipped the descriptions and are ready to dive into Al-Waha’s latest release bowl first, or you followed along with the spoilers and know the flavor profiles, has the Al-Waha Tobacco for you. Find all of the creative shisha flavors from Al-Waha Tobacco at your favorite online hookah store. The timing of this release and your stimulus check couldn’t have been more perfect. You know what to do.

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