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Al-Waha Melon Berry

Al-Waha Melon Berry

By Amir / April 29, 2024
Al-Waha Melon Berry

Al-Waha Premium Shisha

Melon Berry is a mouthwatering flavor by Al-Waha that has three main ingredients working to complement each other and bring out the best that each has to offer. Al-Waha shisha is manufactured in Jordan and consists of Premium French Tobacco leaves soaked in honey. Al-Waha flavored tobacco is natural in color having a golden brown hue and a consistently fine cut. It is fairly juicy but also very flavorful and supplies a solid smoking session with three or four coals depending on your heat preference.

Melon Berry: Tobacco Flavor Profile

The smell for this brand is very potent and the honeydew melon is the most distinctive scent profile with the blueberry notes coming in second. Both are backed up by an ever so slight hint of mint that is noticeable when you inhale but makes way for the melon taste on exhale. The melon in this concoction is sweet and refreshing and the overall all-star to this mixture as its distinct flavor is the last taste you are left with after each hit. The mint is present but not at all overpowering; making Melon Berry a perfect flavor for people who want a mint flavor that isn’t actually all that minty. If you have never had the chance to taste a honeydew melon, now is your chance; this shisha is a great representation of the sweet and smooth essence of the fruit. In fact, it is known as the sweetest of all the melons. Ancient Egyptians regarded this delectable gourd as sacred and only the most elite had access to it; it was said to be a favored treat for the one and only Cleopatra. But now you don’t have to be an Egyptian queen to get your hands on it. You can pick up Melon Berry or any of the other innovative flavors by Al-Waha in 50g, 200g, or 1kg tubs at

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