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Al-Waha Elite: Sweet Shock

Al-Waha Elite: Sweet Shock

By Amir / April 29, 2024

About Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco

Al-Waha is a French tobacco that is manufactured in Jordan. It has a sticky honey base that lets it take a fair amount of heat. Al-Waha flavored tobacco has a ton of fantastic flavors to choose from so, no matter your preference, they have something just for you. On top of a very wide and diverse selection, they are one of the more affordable brands as well so it is easy to try multiple flavors and not have to dive into those deeper parts of your pockets.

Shisha Flavor Profile & Suggested Hookah Accessories

The cut on Al-Waha is medium choppy with a few stems to sort out. Most of their shisha flavors are a natural brown with no dyes added but there are a few that still have a dyed hue. It is a fairly juicy brand that is sticky due to the honey base. Using honey as a binder makes this brand take heat very well and proves to be a very easy to manage hookah session, but don’t overdo it as excessive heat will make it turn harsh. I find that it performs the best at a normal pack up to the rim and usually start with three hookah coals. It will work with any of your phunnel style hookah bowls but I prefer to load this brand into a traditional style Egyptian bowl.

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The flavor profile of Sweet Shock is clear on the cover; it’s a blend of passion fruit and watermelon. The passion fruit takes the front seat with a semi-tart and almost floral taste with the watermelon on the back end to add a much needed degree of sweetness. The taste is bold and satisfying but if you shy away from anything floral, this may not be the flavor for you. Whether it is or it isn’t, Al-Waha has a ton of options in 50g, 200g, and 1kg containers so swing by to see a full list of flavor profiles.

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