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Al-Waha Elite Edition is the next big thing!

Al-Waha Elite Edition is the next big thing!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al-Waha Elite Edition: Premium Flavors

Al-Waha Tobacco Available in a Variety of Flavors

With a rich history, and even richer flavors, Al-Waha Hookah Tobacco is now available here at! Al-Waha has been innovating the hookah tobacco industry for decades, and now it is once again available here in the U.S.! One thing that sets this shisha apart from the rest is the honey that is used for your smoking pleasure, instead of a molasses base. The premium French tobacco leaves and the huge variety of flavors make this shisha truly one of a kind. The honey makes the smoke smooth and produces a nice thick cloud that is desired by even the newest smoking enthusiasts. There is a wide variety of amazing flavor choices give you so many options for your smoking sessions! We offer 30 flavors in 50 g sample packs so you can see what flavors you like best without breaking the bank! When you find the perfect flavor, or flavors, we also offer 30 flavors in 200 g containers or, for the dedicated hookah enthusiasts, we also offer 30 flavors in 1 kilo tubs for your convenience! To the more experienced hookah enthusiasts, Al-Waha is a well known brand for the high quality nargile they offer. With these great flavors and even better prices, you will be buying kilos in no time!

Al-Waha Flavor List -

• After Nine (Chocolate Mint) • Arctic Blueberry (Cool Blueberry) • Arctic Cherry (Cool Cherry) • Arctic Melon (Cool Honeydew and Juicy Watermelon Mix) • Arctic Peach (Cool Peach) • Blueberry Banana • Blueberry Guava • Cali Twist (Cherry, Pineapple, Orange Mix) • Chai Latte • Cinnamon Gum • Double Apple • Grape • Gum Mint • Hot N Cold (Cool Menthol Blueberry Mix) • Ice Cream (Neapolitan Style) • Icy Mango Tango • Lemon Mint • Libella Swing (Sweet Orange, Pink Guava, Mint Leaves Mix) • Magic Touch (Mint, Lime, Blueberry Mix) • Mango Lemonade • Melon (Honeydew) • Melon Berry • Mint • One Day (Lime, Mint, Creamy Chocolate) • Orange • Orange Mint • Pan Rasna (Floral, Clove, and Other Indian Spices) • Summer Air (Lemon, Passion Fruit Mix) • Sweet Shock (Watermelon, Passion Fruit Mix) • Watermelon

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