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Al-Fakher Vanilla Shisha

Al-Fakher Vanilla Shisha

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al Fakher Premium Flavored Tobacco

Al-Fakher is one of those flavored tobacco brands that everyone knows and respects in regards to hookah. They have great single note flavors that can stand alone or have limitless mixing capabilities with each other or other brands. It is not only versatile but also has a huge variety to choose from with over fifty variations at your disposal. The best part about it is that you can guarantee a high quality smoke at a very competitive and reasonable price; making experimenting with different mixes or trying different flavors not only easy to do but also easy on your wallet too.

Al Fakher Vanilla Shisha

Speaking of mixers, today I want to talk about my favorite Al-Fakher flavor to mix with: Vanilla. There are so many vanilla flavors to choose from and they are available from all different brands but Al-Fakher Vanilla is still the top of my list for many reasons. Like I stated before, the sheer versatility is a big plus but it also has a flavor profile that is geared more towards vanilla frosting rather than the deep and creamy French Vanilla flavor that you come across with most brands. It is enjoyable to smoke alone but it is on the sweet side so not a solo taste for everyone, and for that reason, it is not something I find myself smoking by itself very often.

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That being said, the pure sweetness is exactly what makes it compliment other flavors so well. Flavors with vanilla undertones usually focus on the main flavor profile with vanilla being more of an afterthought. Sometimes, I am perfectly okay with that; other times, I want a more balanced blend. Al-Fakher Vanilla enhances the sweet notes without compromising the original flavor profile by being too robust. If you are curious to try it for yourself, the 50g boxes on are perfect for sampling where the 250g tubs are great for experimenting. There is also the big boy kilo as well if you are anything like me; I treat it like Granny treats Frank’s RedHot – I put that shisha on everything!

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