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Al-Fakher Tobacco - New Look, Same Great Shisha Flavors

Al-Fakher Tobacco - New Look, Same Great Shisha Flavors

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al-Fakher Shisha Tobacco Rebranding

New and exciting things for the famous hookah shisha brand, Al-Fakher Tobacco! The shisha company we all know and love has decided to spice things up a bit with an all-new look to their shisha tobacco packaging. With a passion and dedication to all things hookah, Al-Fakher put a lot of thought into the new look. Not only is the rebrand to delight the AF Tobacco brand loyalists out there but also to continue their growth in the shisha industry. By aligning with duty-free and travel retail laws as well as the FDA, Al-Fakher looks to put themselves in a position to keep moving forward in the world of shisha tobacco. Al-Fakher Shisha 50g Tobacco Packs - Blueberry flavor

Traditional Al-Fakher Tobacco, New Contemporary Feel

Feedback from you, the hookah enthusiast as well as other current and potential hookah smokers helped to shape the rebrand. Not only does it revitalize the Al-Fakher Shisha but it also meets new industry trends with a more contemporary feel. Not to worry, even with the all-new look and feel, the bold, long-lasting shisha flavors remain intact. Authentic AF shisha tobacco in over 60 flavors, made popular in more than 80 countries around the world!

Enabling and Empowering Mixing Shisha

A large part of the design process was to simplify and show the core Al-Fakher Hookah flavors without any of the fluff. AF Tobacco wanted to encourage mixing shisha flavors to allow the hookah smoker to create their own shisha experience. By simplifying the look and promoting each base flavor, Al-Fakher makes it easy to visualize and build your own custom mixes! They hope this introduces some excitement to your shisha rotation. Al-Fakher aims to empower you with the ability to more easily mix hookah flavors. Break out your shisha mixology cookbook and get to mixing! Al-Fakher Gum with Mint Hookah Shisha 250g Tobacco

Popular Al-Fakher Shisha Flavors

Find all of your favorite Al-Fakher Tobacco flavors at as the new AF packaging trickles in. I hope that you have tried a large amount of the famous AF Hookah flavors by now. If you haven’t, start with the most popular shisha flavors to date. Tastes like Al-Fakher Grape Mint, Watermelon Mint, Blueberry, Double Apple, Gum Mint, and Mojito! You really can’t go wrong with any taste of Al-Fakher Shisha so don’t be shy. New packaging is coming in daily for the 50g and 250g tobacco sizes and like always AF Tobacco flavors don’t stay on the shelves long. Order now!

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