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Al-Fakher is All New

Al-Fakher is All New

By Amir / April 29, 2024

The NEW Al-Fakher

Al-Fakher is a premium line of shisha manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. If you want to know what we have packed in our own hookahs here at then this is it. The flavor and pure enjoyment of smoking Al-Fakher shisha is second to none. To fit the classic taste and enjoyment of their shisha, Al-Fakher did an overhaul on their packaging and the new look is a grand slam. Not that they needed any help, but the new box alone sells these flavors. Whether you are running a shop or buying for personal shisha smoking the new look is truly mouthwatering. For our new hookah smokers out there Al-Fakher is a must try. You will not find a smoother and more accurate flavor pallet out there. Luckily, this brand of shisha is also easy on the wallet so if you are looking to stock up on flavors your dollar goes further.

Check out some of these Al-Fakher flavors:

Double Apple has a very flavorful and sweet taste to it. If you like licorice then you will love this one. It’s the best seller for a reason! Mint can be used as a mixer or smoked by itself. Add ice to the vase or pick up a Vapor Freeze Tip for your hose to add more chill to the flavor if you desire. Grape is top notch flavor that Al-Fakher does very well. It is very sweet and packed with a great grape taste that is sure to impress. Peach tastes just like the peach ring candy that you used to enjoy as a kid, but this one is all grown up. I was caught off guard by this one and was not expecting too much from it. This shisha is now one of my personal favorites that I encourage everyone to try for themselves. What do you think of the new packaging? How about your top flavors? We love your feedback here at, or on any of our social media. Have you seen us on Instagram? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff for more recommendations as well.

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