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Al-Fakher Kiwi Shisha

Al-Fakher Kiwi Shisha

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Al-Fakher Premium Hookah Shisha

Al-Fakher has been a very important player in the hookah world since 1999, supplying the community with a variety of delicious flavors that not only smoke great but are also very affordable. They are arguably the most recognized flavored tobacco brand worldwide. Even if you haven’t smoked any for some reason, it is pretty much impossible not to know who they are. They have a few different lines to choose from, all of which offer a little something different to accommodate different preferences. Their original line has the most flavors to choose from, and the most competitive prices, keeping it the most popular out of all the available choices.

Al-Fakher Kiwi Flavored Tobacco

A very noteworthy – and yet severely underrated - flavor by this esteemed brand is their Kiwi. It smells sweet and fruity and taste on point with the initial scent. It has the natural sweetness you would expect from the fruit itself and a hint of the sourness on the exhale. Just like many Al-Fakher single note flavors, it is a great mixer - especially with fruit and melon based flavors - but this bad boy has no problem holding its own in a solo session. If you are a fan of fruity flavors or just kiwi in general, you won’t be disappointed when trying this one.

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You can spot original Al-Fakher by its signature red hue and medium cut. It is usually fairly juicy but not overwhelmingly so. It preforms the best at a normal density pack; a lot of people use phunnel bowls as they have become the industry standard but OG smokers still pack it in an old school Egyptian clay bowl and I have to admit that this is still my preference as well. Whichever bowl you choose, sprinkle it in like a fluff pack just over the rim and lightly pat it down until it becomes level to achieve a normal density pack. Depending on the size of the bowl, I usually use 2-3 pieces of hookah charcoal unless I decide to use a provost, in which case 2 coals is usually plenty. Visit to try this flavor out for yourself; it’s available in 50g, 250g, and 1kg tubs.

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