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Al-Amir Tobacco Brand - Shisha Review

Al-Amir Tobacco Brand - Shisha Review

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Flavored Tobacco Rooted In Tradition - Al Amir

Modern tobacco with traditional, Middle Eastern roots. Al-Amir Tobacco began production in 2004 located in Saudi Arabia. The early manufacturing location provided great insight into classic hookah single note shisha flavors but Al-Amir Hookah wanted to be innovative and started creating flavors never before seen in the industry. Still using the single note fruit flavor concept, Al-Amir was the first shisha brand to push tastes like blueberry and watermelon and combo hookah flavors including kiwi strawberry. These flavors seem like they’ve been around forever, I bet you didn’t know Al-Amir was the trendsetter! Now, every hookah brand carries these flavors as the backbone of their lineup. After a move to the United States, Al-Amir began pushing the shisha flavor envelope even further. Al-Amir Hookah Tobacco Containers

American Made Hookah Shisha

A 2010 production relocation to the US was a big move for Al-Amir Tobacco as they can now say every aspect of manufacturing is done in America. Located in California, Al-Amir innovates flavors in-house to keep up with market demands and uses only ingredients that have been FDA approved. A motivating factor for the move to America was the ability to control all stages of production from choosing the perfect strain of tobacco leaf, regardless of the cost to utilizing a “Just-In-Time” manufacturing process. Production upon order to ensure a fresh shisha delivery to customers every time! Quality hookah tobacco is a must for Al-Amir Hookah. The extra cost of producing in America, the attention to detail and manufacturing quality is all part of securing the brand of Al-Amir Tobacco. Consistent, bold-flavored hookah shisha rooted in traditional hookah culture. Blackberries in wooden bowl with Al Amir Blackberry Shisha

Best Hookah Flavors by Al-Amir Shisha

Innovation in flavored tobacco has always been at the forefront for Al-Amir Shisha but consistency is at the same level of importance. While always looking for new flavor profiles to create to match market demands, Al-Amir has also been crafting and perfecting many of the original flavors since inception. A premium washed tobacco produced using Virginia leaf tobacco leaves, molasses, glycerin and flavoring juice all approved by the FDA. Classic red dyed leaves show some hookah tradition. Some of the best shisha flavors in the Al-Amir lineup are the simple single note flavors because of the perfect flavor profiles and true to flavor smells. But, don’t miss out on popular creative tastes like Blueberry Jubilee, Chocolate Strawberry or Mocha Latte either. One whiff of these flavors and you know they will be good. Here are our favorite hookah flavors from Al-Amir Hookah at


A fan favorite and one of the most popular Al-Amir Shisha flavors on the market. Blackberry is absolutely perfect in every way. The smell before you even open the bag is fresh, sweet blackberry. A strong sweet flavor with a hint of tart and maybe a little earthiness. A very rounded fruit shisha flavor.

Caramel Apple

Not your typical shisha tobacco flavor, Caramel Apple has a smooth caramel flavor with a slight punch of tart green apple. The smell alone is a great reason to pick this flavor up. Just open it for a sniff every now and then for a caramel apple at the fair type of experience.


The truest to flavor strawberry shisha on the market. A natural, sweet strawberry flavor like you plucked it straight off the vine. A great mixer as well, you will be looking for excuses to add Al-Amir Strawberry to every hookah bowl. Fresh cut strawberries and Al-Amir Strawberry Flavored Tobacco

Buy Al-Amir Hookah Tobacco at

We highly suggest trying Al-Amir Tobacco and their innovative flavor lineup. Test out flavor profiles with 50g tobacco pouches at a wallet-friendly price or stock up on your favorite Al-Amir Hookah flavors at with 250g cans! Enjoy the bold, true to flavor shisha blends from the modern but traditional hookah brand in Al-Amir Tobacco. High quality, premium washed tobacco in over 50 amazing shisha flavors at SouthSmoke!

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