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Advantages of All Glass Hookahs

Advantages of All Glass Hookahs

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Why Choose a Glass Hookah

Whether you are looking for a new hookah to add to your collection or considering purchasing your first hookah, it is likely you’ve asked yourself this question: “glass hookah or traditional hookah?” There are many differences other than the obvious material make-up. Traditional hookahs are classic and have been used for centuries. After all, when someone says “hookah” that’s the image that pops into your mind, right?

Cleaning Glass Hookahs

The Harmony Glass HookahAlthough glass hookah pipes are newer to the hookah scene, many experienced smokers have made the switch. They have become increasingly popular for their intriguing and elegant designs as well as their simple set-up and cleaning. Smokers rave about the high quality of smoke they get from a glass pipe. You’ll experience a cleaner and much smoother smoke than what the traditional hookah will provide. These hookahs are made entirely of glass, including the seals, eliminating the need for rubber grommets. The adapters and stems fit perfectly inside the base and glass-on-glass seals create a tighter, super secure seal. The Vapor Glass Hookahs are much easier to clean than the traditional hookah. All it takes to clean one of these bad boys is some hot water. Thoroughly rinse the hookah, and that’s it!

Taste with a Glass Hookah

If you have used a hookah with a metal stem before you might have noticed a bit of a metallic flavoring to your smoke which a glass hookah would obviously not provide. No need to worry about ghosting either. Metal hookahs have a tendency to retain flavor from a previous smoke session, whereas glass does not.

Glass Hookah Style

Another thing smokers enjoy of a glass hookah is the clear base. If you like being able to see your smoke, or want to personalize your hookah with color, lights, fruits or diffusers, Vapor Glass Hookahs are for you. While these hookahs are a bit more fragile than a traditional hookah, they will never oxidize or rust. We definitely suggest having a glass hookah in your collection to add variety to your everyday smoke. carries the full line of Vapor Glass Hookahs for your enjoyment.

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