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Adding A Hookah To Date Night

Adding A Hookah To Date Night

By Amir / April 29, 2024

No More Boring Dates - Hookah Date Ideas

If you are in the dating scene, you’re probably very familiar with your local bars and restaurants. They can be the easy go-to when meeting someone for the first time. Grab a bite to eat and then drinks after. A tried and true routine. You realize doing this multiple nights a week may be fun but it starts to eat at your bank account and add pesky pounds to your waistline. You never get used to waking up hungover and remembering you spilled your drink on your date after one too many shots. Not a great look. Maybe next time you want to try something a little out of the ordinary and creative. Be different, make it a hookah date at your favorite hookah lounge. Romantic Hookah Lounge Date

Hookah Lounge - The Perfect First Hookah Date

Impress your date by being different and offering to try hookah instead of the normal bar route for your next first date. Hookah can be great for first dates. Hookah bars and lounges tend to be more casual and a low pressure feel compared to your normal bar. Kick back and enjoy each other’s company as hookah promotes great conversation as you pass the hose back and forth. A perfect setup for interaction and flirting. Enjoy unique flavored tobacco from around the globe, an exotic experience without having to travel the world. Couple Kissing in the hookah smoke

What’s Your Vibe?

So many different styles of hookah lounges to choose from! Get the full Mediterranean treatment by going to a restaurant that serves shisha. Appreciate the Middle Eastern inspired food and then finish off your night sitting around the hookah together. Maybe you still want the option of enjoying cocktails while you smoke. There are plenty of Hookah Bars that serve alcohol as well! Get the best of both worlds. Feeling like more of a club vibe? You’re in luck as many Hookah Bars pump the music in all night long. The chill Hookah Lounge with a relaxed vibe may be your best bet for a first date but the options are out there. Check out the Hookah Directory at to see what’s available in your state. Hookah Data Romantic table setting

Spice Things Up At Home with a Hookah Date

Hookah can also be a perfect way to keep things interesting in a relationship. Try new things together by creating your own unique flavored tobacco mixes. Take some chances, be innovative. Really wow your date with your original flavors. Set up a group date! Hookahs with multi-hose hookah setups are perfect for larger groups and create an excellent atmosphere for several couples looking to enjoy shisha together. Whatever your dating situation, hookah is always a viable option. Happy smoking, and good luck out there.

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