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Orange Mint, A New Shisha Flavor Release by Adalya Tobacco!

Orange Mint, A New Shisha Flavor Release by Adalya Tobacco!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

New Shisha Flavor By Adalya is Here! Meet Orange Mint

There is no better news than Adalya releasing a new shisha flavor! While Adalya tobacco has become a household name, it truly has been difficult keeping up with the demand for this hookah tobacco. Hookah enthusiasts around the world can’t stop raving about it. Adalya is now introducing a new shisha flavor, Orange Mint.

More Adalya News

In addition to this exciting new Orange Mint shisha flavor, they're now offering their famous Two Apples flavor in 1kg jars. Adalya shisha is top-tier, made from Virginia leaf tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses and flavoring juices. When it comes to Adalya, we know we can count on their shisha flavors being delicious, flavorful and full of clouds. Adalya's Tobacco Orange Mint shisha on a kitchen island with shisha on a dish

Adalya Orange Mint Flavor Review

Adalya’s Orange Mint shisha flavor will forever stay in our hearts and minds. This shisha is a delicious blend of citrus and natural mint. It is primarily sweet with its orange flavor as the star, but you will also taste the freshness of mint in each puff. Orange Mint is perfectly juicy and not too wet, it's definitely one of our latest favorite blends to date. Orange Mint not only produces thick shisha clouds but has a rich and decadent flavor. This blend by Adalya is very refreshing and pleasant for any time of the day. Orange Mint is available in 50g packs, 250g and 1kg jars. Adalya Tobacco Orange Mint Shisha on kitchen counter with pots in the background Adalya tobacco is well known for their creative blends which are enjoyable without any mixing. But we always encourage our customers to get creative. We recommend smoking this blend straight up for a juicy experience, but if you want to take your hookah session to another level, try one of these following mixes!

Shisha Mix Recipes with Orange Mint

A mix we absolutely loved was Adalya Orange Mint with their famous Lady Killer flavor, which was an irresistible fruity explosion. Another mix we loved was Orange Mint and Mi Amor. This mix will transport your tastebuds into a tropical paradise with every puff. If you tried one of our mixes or have any of your own, please comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear your custom mixes you enjoyed.

Adalya Two Apples Now Available in Kilo Jars!

We have great news! Due to popular demand, Adalya Two Apples is now available in 1000g jars! The Two Apple blend is Adalya’s version of a classic Double Apple flavor. It has balanced aroma of anise and bright notes of sweet and sour apples. If you've never tried double apple hookah tobacco, The Two Apples is an excellent option. It's very enjoyable alone, but a mix we really enjoyed is 80% Adalya the Two Apples & 20% Adalya Mint. Give this mix a try, you will not be disappointed. Adalya's The Two Apples Shisha Tobacco on a bench with flowers and acoustic guitar

More Adalya Kilo Flavors

Not all Adalya tobacco flavors are available in the kilo size, but some of the bests are! Save yourself the time and money and go straight for the 1Kg jars. Aside from Orange Mint and The Two Apples, currently you can get Blue MLN, Lady Killer, Love 66, Mi Amor, and Mint in 1kg sizes.
  • Blue MLN combines the sour bite of fresh summer blueberries with the simplicity of a sweet slice of watermelon.
  • Lady Killer is a fruity melon, mango and berry tobacco.
  • Love 66 is a tropical mix of passion fruit, honeydew melon, watermelon, and mint.
  • Mi Amor is a brilliant combination of pineapple, creamy banana and lingering coolness of the ice.
  • Mint is the perfect hookah shisha tobacco for those who enjoy the taste of mint.
Adalya Tobacco 1Kg Jars on a Kitchen counter in Love 66, Mi Amor, Lady Killer, Mint and Blue MLN Shisha Flavors Adalya 1Kg Jars are available on and ready for you to enjoy! We are constantly replenishing our inventory so your shisha tobacco will arrive fresh and always tasting great! You can shop all Adalya Flavors on Adalya Tobacco is available in 50g Packs, 250g and 1Kg Jars. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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