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Adalya Tobacco – New Shisha Flavor Release

Adalya Tobacco – New Shisha Flavor Release

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Bold New Adalya Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Is there anything more exciting than new shisha flavors? And, from Adalya Tobacco to boot! This may be the best day of the year. 2020 is turning around y’all. Mark this on the calendar as a new holiday called “The Best Day in Shisha History” because Adalya Hookah Tobacco is releasing 7 new hookah shisha blends for our hookah smoking pleasure. You know Adalya is good so it’s common knowledge that these new tastes are going to be bomb! Creative, proprietary mixes that are meant to smoke on their own. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

Adalya Tobacco Brand

Quickly growing in popularity throughout the US, Adalya Tobacco was recently brought into SouthSmoke and is flying off the shelves, fast! It’s difficult to keep up with the demand of hookah enthusiasts even for the largest shisha distributor in America. People can’t get enough of the exotic shisha flavors like Adalya Love 66 and Lady Killer. Top-tier shisha tobacco made with the most natural ingredients like Virginia leaf tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses and flavoring juices. The flavors are bold and last as long as you are willing to smoke them. The clouds are as thick and fluffy as you could ever want and the list of must-have flavors is seemingly endless. Need I say more?

Shisha Flavors Review – 7 New Adalya Tobacco Blends

Adalya Shisha dug deep into the imaginations of hookah enthusiasts for their latest blends to hit the market. Unique mixes that even the most creative smokers would have a hard time coming up with. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Adalya Angel Lips

A little tart, a little sweet, Angel Lips brings together the contrasting tastes of blackberry and watermelon with a hint of mint. Like a kiss from an angel, this shisha blend is a delight on your lips. Adalya Tobacco Blue Orange Hookah Shisha

Adalya Blue Orange

The colors of blue and orange work well together in artwork, on sports uniforms, and even in nature so why wouldn’t the tasty fruits work the same? Blueberry and orange fight for control of your taste buds and together they make a winner.

Adalya Delons

Who doesn’t like melon flavored hookah shisha? It’s just a perfect, sweet taste in hookah smoke form. Adalya doubles this perfection and even adds a touch of cooling menthol to put it over the edge. Sweet, sweet double melon with cooling mint. Adalya Tobacco Exagelado Hookah Shisha

Adalya Exagelado

Take two famous hookah flavors and add them together, what do you get? An explosion of shisha tobacco history in your face. Adalya Exagelado mixes grape and lemon mint in just the right way. Sweet grape, sour lemon, and beautiful mint.

Adalya JK777

Acai is taking over the shisha world and for good reason. Every brand seems to be working it into their lineup and Adalya Tobacco does one better. They pair it with the beloved grape mint! Smooth acai berry with the already popular grape mint shisha is a must-try.

Adalya Mi Amor

My new love, Adalya Mi Amor. A tropical shisha blend of sweet pineapple, tasty banana, and cooling menthol. Take this one to the beach and it’ll feel right at home. Adalya Tobacco Sky Fall Hookah Shisha

Adalya Sky Fall

Sky Faaaaaaall ♪ No this isn’t from the famous James Bond movie. Adalya Sky Fall will be famous all on its own. A delectable blend of peach, watermelon, and mint. A perfect southern picnic mix to calm the nerves.

All of the Adalya Shisha and Hookah Accessories at

While the new Adalya Tobacco flavors will be here in the coming days, you can find all of the other terrific blends right now at! Don’t forget to check out the latest hookahs and hookah accessories like stoneware hookah bowls from ATH – Adalya Tobacco Hookah while you’re there. Premium stainless steel shisha pipes and handmade shisha bowls for the most exquisite hookah session of your life. All now available at SouthSmoke!

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