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Adalya Tobacco Kilos Are Back In Stock!

Adalya Tobacco Kilos Are Back In Stock!

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Adalya Tobacco Now Available in Kilos/1kg!

The wait is over! Adalya 1kg tubs are back in stock and available in 4 amazing flavors: Blue MLN, Mi Amor, Lady Killer & Love 66. These 4 flavors are mouthwatering in their own unique ways. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on these! Let jump right in!

Adalya Blue MLN

Adalya Blue Mln shisha is a blend that has already become a classic in the world of hookah shisha mixes. Adalya's Blue Mln blend is sweet and juicy with a unique aroma. The flavor consists of vibrant melon complemented by a sour blueberry that seeps into your taste buds and finishes with a hit of refreshing cool menthol on the exhale. Adalya Blue MLN jar with water splashes and waves in the background

Adalya Mi Amor

Adalya Mi Amor is a crazy good tropical shisha blend bursting with juicy pineapple, ripe banana and refreshing mint flavors. Open the jar and you will experience a tropical paradise with a subtle hint of pink bubbalicious bubblegum. The semi-fine cut makes it very easy to pack your hookah bowl with. Mi Amor does not disappoint in the clouds department, giving you nice, thick and flavorful smoke. Adalya Mi Amor Jar with neon pink smoke streams surrounding kilo jar

Lady Killer

Next up we have Adalya Lady Killer. Lady Killer is a fan-favorite flavor hookah enthusiasts just can't seem to get enough of! Take your taste buds on a ride with this creative blend of sweet juicy melon and tropical mango mixed with a touch of mildly tart berries and cool, fresh mint. Adalya Lady Killer shisha is an impressive blend of honeydew melon, mango, berries, and mint. Put them all together and you get a ripe delicious shisha flavor with a cool and refreshing inhale. On the exhale, you’re left with a slight tart berry mixed with sweet mango. Adalya Lady Killer 1kg jar on silk red fabric

Adalya Love 66

By far the most popular hookah flavor from Adalya Tobacco is the sweet and fruity Love 66. Love 66 is a unique mix of honeydew melon, passion fruit, watermelon, and menthol. The honeydew melon and aromatic passion fruit flavors dominate the blend as the delicate watermelon and cool menthol add a sweet cooling note to the mix. Hookah enthusiasts across the globe have raved about it, making it one of the most sought after shisha tobacco flavors.  Love 66 has a delicious, refreshing and sweet fruity flavor that will keep you coming back for more and more. Be sure to pick up your Adalya Love 66 1kg tub at! Adalya Love 66 Jar with a smokey pink and purple background with a neon heart We hope you enjoyed this blog post! All 4 Adalya flavors are available on! Be sure to check out our wide selection of hookahs, shisha tobacco, accessories and more to enhance and elevate your hookah experience. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 888-577-6653. We have experienced hookah smokers available to answer any questions you may have!

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