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A Passion for Passion Fruit - Starbuzz Tobacco

A Passion for Passion Fruit - Starbuzz Tobacco

By Amir / April 29, 2024

Tropical Vacation with Starbuzz Tobacco Passion Fruit

Sitting on a tropical beach sipping on a passion fruit smoothie with a hookah nearby is where I want to be. Which part of that is better, the beach or the smoothie (we know the hookah is best)? Tough call, you can’t argue that if someone brought you that same passion fruit smoothie at work it wouldn’t make your day ten times better. Now you can bring that same flavor pick-me-up into your hookah session with Passion Fruit from Starbuzz Tobacco!

Native Land

passion fruit cut in half on wood table The passion fruit is a product of the Passiflora edulis, a vine species of passion flower that natively grows in South America. Mainly cultivated in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina for its sweet and sour characteristics. A taste perfect for anything from juices, salads, desserts or just scooped straight out of the tough shell for your enjoyment. This info brought to you by Wikipedia… But now some info from me: The best way to taste passion fruit is through your hookah session!

All-Time Starbuzz Tobacco Flavor

A new flavor release from the world-renowned Starbuzz Tobacco, Passion Fruit is sure to be the next big flavor on the hookah market. It may be my new favorite from Starbuzz Hookah. I know some will argue that Blue Mist can never be topped but they nailed this flavor! It’s tough to do sour in a hookah tobacco flavor, like cheek puckering sour on inhale. Not so sour that you tear up but sour enough that you get the bitter sensation and it’s well matched with a sweet sidekick. Just pure passion fruit. Well blended sweet and tart that will have you begging for more. Passion Fruit drink on table near passion fruit cut in half Passion fruit is not just about the amazing flavor, the smell is just delicious! So good, you ponder leaving the tin open to let it waft around the room. Maybe put a candle wick straight down in there and light it up. Don’t do that, store your hookah tobacco in an air-tight container at room temperature… But, maybe open it up for a whiff every now and then. Starbuzz Tobacco Passion Fruit is at first. Hurry, get it here before it’s sold out! Available in 100g tins for your smoking pleasure. Put it in your phunnel bowl with a semi-fluff pack for maximum clouds and taste. ;)

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