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Hookah Experts Guide

Elevate your hookah smoking experience

The Hookah Experts Guide and Smoke Lounge is a key resource for the dedicated Hookah smoker that is interested in learning everything there is to know about the Hookah Industry and what it has to offer.

Be part of the club today to receive these great benefits:

  • Review the Newsletter archive to catch up on the latest Hookah models and Shisha flavors available.
  • Learn how to properly maintain your Hookah Pipe.
  • Chat with other Hookah smokers worldwide to receive feedback in regards to questions about your Hookah.
  • Become a Sponsored Hookah Club and get the inside scoop on the latest shisha flavors, mixes, and Hookah tips that are being used on College campuses across America.

Time is everything in today''s fast paced world. Just continue to sit back, relax, and enjoy the smooth, refreshing smoke that the Hookah has to offer, as has got you covered.

Keep up to date with the latest news, promotions, discounts, and Hookah Tips that has to offer. This section contains a complete archive of the newsletters published by


Want to acquire the latest tips and tricks used when smoking the Hookah? This section provides comments on what are considered to be the lastest trends evolving from the Hookah Industry. Discover some popular shisha mixes as well as suggestions that may offer an enhanced smoking experience.


Have a Hookah related question that continues to go unanswered? Want to find out the latest tips and tricks used when smoking your Hookah? Don''t worry! The Hookah Forum has all the answers to your questions.

Chat with other avid Hookah Smokers and Hookah Experts worldwide by registering for a Hookah Forum Account. Get the inside scoop on which shisha flavors are preferred by other Hookah users and when the latest Hookah Cafe is opening in your area.


Ever been to a Hookah Bar? Just picture you and your friends relaxing on plush, velvet cushions, enjoying a nice meal and taking turns smoking the smooth flavored shisha that the Hookah Pipe has to offer.

The Hookah Bar Directory is a comprehensive list of restaurants, night clubs, and lounges that allow for smokers to experience the true pleasures that the Hookah has to offer. From Los Angeles to Miami, there is bound to be a Hookah Lounge in your area.


Hookah smoking is becoming more popular in the United States, especially among college students. Get the inside scoop on the latest shisha flavors, mixes, and Hookah tips that are being used on College campuses across America. uncovers the true Hookah smoking experience thats happening on your College campus.

Does your College campus have an established Hookah Club or do you frequently smoke with a group of friends? Next time you take a study break and decide to smoke the Hookah, go ahead and let know about your experience. Who knows, you may even be interviewed and featured on