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Zomo 250G Shisha

SKU: BTO-Zomo-WorldExperience-250g
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You've found your favorite Zomo hookah tobacco blend and now it's time to stock up in the 250g size. These resealable jars are perfect easy storage or quick moves on the go. Every blends is packed with a roller coaster type experience as each flavor ripples through the smoke session.

Zomo World Experience Shisha Tobacco 250g Flavors

These blends produce a rich and delicious aroma but we have to caution you not to eat the tobacco. This blonde leaf blend can be used in style of hookah bowl in your cabinet, and beginners should have no problem getting the session started.


During our sessions we used 3 flat natural charcoal for a cloudy session, and 2-3 cubes for the dense packed bowls. To get the most of this 50g you can get a way with a standard sprinkle pack to fill your bowl, and if you want that session to last longer just pack in a little more tobacco. Our foil session surprised us with the duration of flavor and strength of the blend profile.


Zomo Shisha Flavor Descriptions 
Acai Cream - Exotic sweet acai berry blended with creamy vanilla
Bahamas Twist - Ripe blueberry with cooling mint
Bombay - A unique blend of pan (paan) mixed with spice and floral notes
Dragon Wall - Asian Pear with a lovely touch of mint and peach
Havana Style - Zomo takes the traditional Mojito blend to a new level with this mix
Kiwi Lemon - Sweet tropical fruit sensation meets the tartness of lemon
Miami Nights - Get jiggy with mango & orange while more flavorful surprises come through
Mystery Of Bali - Have you ever tasted a passion fruit with bright banana flavoring? Now you can!
Passion Fruit Mint - Tropical passion fruit with cooling mint
Secret of Babylon - A secret combination of tropical fruit and honeydew
Swiss Alps - The frigid spearmint air of the alps sent straight to your bowl
Watermelon Mint - Powerful watermelon flavor that might've receive some tasty help from other melon notes