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3 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 67

Hookah Accessory Description

Hookah Filters provide for a healthier smoking experience by trapping any loose particles or fragments that may flow through the hose. Hookah Filters are primarily used by the avid Hookah smoker and are also used by Hookah Bars. Purchase a Hookah Filter today if you are interested in experiencing an even more filtered smoking experience.

Filter Set includes one Hookah Filter. It is recommended that each Hookah Filter be used approximately 15 times.
Filters Specs
Brand Not Applicable
Color Brown / Clear
Material Plastic
Style Charcoal Filter
Quantity Set Contains One Filter

Customer Reviews(3)

Worth it...
I purchased some of these recently and I have to say that they're worth the money. And as one of the other reviews stated, and I agree wit: "it doesn't affect the pull or the fact...I found that it brought out the flavor even more! They are well built in all their simplicity..."
Review by Eric Miller from Tennessee United States
Posted 12 Sep 2008
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not much money for a potential life saver
have been using these filters since quite a while now and find them very worthwhile. Did quite some research on the internet about the potential harms of shisha smoking and many sources agree on it being as harmful or even more harmful (comparing one shisha session with smoking one cigarette) than normal smoking. This filter is not only supposed to filter out most of the addiction forming nicotine but also the tar and probably many other harmful substances created in burning tobacco, so I assume that using these filters should lower the cancer and other health risks associated with unfiltered smoking. On top of that I agree with the other review in that it doesn't reduce the smoking quality as long as one adheres to the recommended number of shisha sessions before replacing the filter. An incredibly good investment if you ask me..
Review by Stefan Schmidmeir from Bavaria Germany
Posted 20 Feb 2008
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1242 out of 2577 people found the following review helpful
I would've never known
curiousity got the best of me and I eventually acquired a set for these filters.... and honestly I was a bit skeptical at first...thinking " Why filter what's already filtered!"...

So tried it tonight and it was basically makes the smoke even smoother...which is hard to believe...

it doesn't affect the pull or the fact...I found that it brought out the flavor even more! They are well built in all their simplicity...

If my review doesn't convince you... then see for yourself!
Review by Max Sequeira from New York United States
Posted 19 Oct 2005
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