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Ceramic Bowl With Lid
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Ceramic Bowl With Lid

5 review(s)
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Hookah Bowl Description

A hookah bowl, a Heat Management Device, and a wind cover all in one! This revolutionary design eliminates the need for a wind cover when smoking your hookah. Simply place the hookah charcoal on top of the provided charcoal screen and snap the lid close. In addition to providing a great smoke, the lid will also eliminate the charcoal from accidentally falling on your floor or dropping messy ash everywhere. To clean the ashes from the charcoal, you can simply turn the bowl upside down and shake the ashes off from the top opening of the lid allowing for a great smoke from start to finish and reducing the need for a hookah tray. The bowl itself is a traditional Egyptian style hookah bowl with a wide diameter that perfectly retains heat to ensure your favorite hookah tobacco or herbal shisha tastes as amazing as possible.

The Ceramic Bowl can hold approximately 25 grams of flavored tobacco.

Free Ceramic Bowl with Lid Promotion

Ceramic Bowl With Lid Specs
Brand Vapor Hookahs
Material Ceramic
Colors Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, White
Bowl Style Egyptian Bowl Style - Fits Over Top of Hookah Stem
Country of Manufacture China
Dimensions Top Opening Diameter: 2.75 Inches / Bottom Opening Diameter: 1 Inch
Grommet Compatibility This Hookah Bowl typically requires using a Chinese Rubber Bowl Grommet to connect this Hookah Bowl to the top of the Hookah stem. Click Here to view the Chinese Rubber Bowl Grommet.
Variation Warning Not Applicable

Customer Reviews(5)

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super wicked
Super wicked head for your hookah pleasures. Sucka make my coals last long and draws like a champion so long as you dont over/under fill the bowl. works great with 40mm coals, and is a steal of a deal compared to brick and mortar stores. Just make sure you season the bowl before hitting off of it.
Review by Michael Klegin from Nebraska United States
Posted 22 Mar 2012
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600 out of 1181 people found the following review helpful
Just got this bowl today. AWESOME!!! This bowl is the best I've ever had. (I've had three)
The lid really keeps the heat in and enables the screen to work better. Changing coals after use is a bit hard, but my coals now last lot longer. Thanks
Review by Ray Molina from New York United States
Posted 22 Jun 2011
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623 out of 1278 people found the following review helpful
The Oven
I, unfortunately, did not buy one of these bowls from this site (had to purchase it during an emergency bowl replacement from the Ren Fair).

It's great. As others have commented the ability to keep the cover (referred to as the "oven" by my regular smoking group) partially or completely closed allows you to have much greater control on the quality of your smoke.

Shisha getting harsh? Open the oven some.

Not pulling that great at either the beginning/end of a bowl? Close the oven.

Out of foil at 4am in the middle of nowhere? Worry not, the screen does perfectly.

Totally worth the money (as I bought mine for over $20 retail).
Review by Wesley Dewey from Texas United States
Posted 16 Mar 2010
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880 out of 1740 people found the following review helpful
Best thing ever!!!
This was definitely one of the best purchases I've made, it makes the Shisha a lot stronger, and lasts a lot longer. I would recommend this for any body that likes smoking shisha
Review by Jacob Bower from Auckland New Zealand
Posted 27 Nov 2009
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904 out of 1723 people found the following review helpful
Yes, it fits the pumpkin!
Everything everyone else has said is true, this thing rocks and is well worth the price. The one tidbit of information missing is it DOES fit the pumpkin hookah! I took a chance buying it, since no one else mentioned it. So if you're like me and didn't want to spend a fortune on a large hookah, and now you're sick of poking holes in foil or don't want hot ashes all over, pick this puppy up!
Review by Charles Milliken from Texas United States
Posted 10 Mar 2009
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951 out of 1903 people found the following review helpful