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Trifecta: Premium Flavors 250g
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Trifecta: Premium Flavors 250g

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Serial Number: 796
Tobacco Flavor:

Flavored Tobacco Description

Trifecta Blonde Premium Flavored Tobacco hit the hookah around 2015 and made its impression almost immediately; it's an impression that is most likely here to stay and for good reason. Trifecta is praised by enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of the flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the blends that they provide that can't be found anywhere else. Of course, the proprietor of the brand is an enthusiast himself so he knows what the community wants and is more than happy to provide it.

Trifecta has a truly unique variety to choose from and their 250 gram jars allow for Hookah users to smoke several times a month or with large groups of friends. This size is packaged in a tin with a secondary inner package that is sealed for freshness. This package is resealable but is not recommended for shisha storage as the metal casing will eventually rust so make sure to store it at room temperature in an airtight container to ensure that it maintains its freshness.

Trifecta Blonde has a medium choppy cut and is undyed with a natural brown coloring. It is moderately juicy and produces the best results when using a semi-fluff to normal pack in a phunnel bowl. Always mix up your tobacco to redistribute the juices and then sprinkle it in producing a fluff pack. If you prefer a little more density, then use your thumb and index to lightly drop in the tobacco up to the rim but not over. Trifecta takes heat really well so don't be hesitant to start with 3 hookah coals and work your way up accordingly depending on the size of the hookah bowl you are using. - A Trifecta of Fruity Tobacco Flavors

Trifecta: Premium Flavored Tobacco 250g Specs
Brand Trifecta
Size 250g Can (Approximately .05% Nicotine or more)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 10 to 15 bowls
Country of Manufacture United States
Ingredients Virginia Tobacco, Honey, Glycerin, Molasses, Natural Flavors
Shisha Flavors Apple 509 (Sweet candied apple with a touch of anise), BDS (Sweet melon and citrus peach blend), Blueberry Strawberry (Sweet candied blueberry and strawberry), Bohemian Mix (Spicy eucalyptus with cinnamon and creamy vanilla), Bona Fide (Banana Creme), Cherry Berry (Sweet cherry backed up by fruity mixed berries), Coconut Ginger (A very down to earth and not so sweet blend of coconut and ginger), Cucumber Mojito (The refreshing minty lime beverage with a cucumber twist), Huckleberry (A part of the blueberry family with a taste of its own), Iced Orange Mint, Lemon Mint (Citrus lemon with a kiss of mint), Mango Smoothie (Tropical mango with a smooth exhale), Mediterranean Mint (Minty mixture of traditional mint and sweet spearmint), Melon Melange (The perfect m?nage trois of watermelon, honey dew, and cantaloupe), Moro Zest (The more bitter side of orange citrus), Mountain Fog (Subtly sweet lemon and lime blend, curiously similar to a most beloved soft drink), Nawar (Floral and Rose), P3 (Tastes the shisha rainbow), Peach Mint (Citrus peach balanced with cooling mint), Peppermint Shake, Persian Melon (Sweet and crisp melon similar to a honeydew), Pineapple Guava (A robust mixture of sweet pineapple and tropical guava), Pumpkin Somethin? (The sweeter side of pumpkin with creamy vanilla and spicy cinnamon), Raspberry Lemon Roll, Ruby (Spicy cinnamon balance with cherry and red berry), Spiced Java (That morning coffee blend with an extra kick of spice to jumpstart your day), TNT (Delicious mango and citrus grapefruit with the mint factor being the only thing keeping this flavor explosion together), Twice The Ice (A snowstorm in your smoke), Twice The Ice Extreme (As cold as the Grim Reaper?s Soul), Vanilla (Sweet and creamy vanilla), Vertigo (Cantaloupe and watermelon mint blend)
Health Warning Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco product

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