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The Phoenix HMD
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The Phoenix HMD

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Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 808

Hookah Accessory Description

The Phoenix is known throughout the world as a symbol of strength and rebirth. The Phoenix HMD lives up to this mythology by reimagining everything we know about traditional HMD's and presenting us with a truly innovative heat management device that has a built in phunnel design - the very first of its kind!

The Phoenix is the only HMD that is made 100% in America. It is one solid piece of 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum that promotes optimal heat transference from the material as radiant heat and has no holes or slates in the bottom; this prevents any and all ash from ever falling through and tainting the flavor of your session. Also, there are raised portions on the bottom of the device to maximize airflow and keep your coals continuously hot without blacking out.

The phunnel design prevents any vacuum effect and enables a more open and effortless draw. Even though it has a phunnel bowl design, it is compatible with various styles of hookah bowls such as vortex bowls or Egyptian bowls as well. It fits on bowls with or without an HMD lip as large as 3" in diameter as well as bowls as small as 2.2" in diameter; making it the most versatile HMD on the market.

As for packing: pack to your preference as you can manipulate the outcome of your sessions with minor adjustments to the height of your pack. The newest version has a lid with a handle to aid with the opening and closing of it safely as well as changes to the diameter of the lid to sit outside of the main HMD body and prevent any sticking once it heats up.

The Phoenix can fit up to 4 hookah charcoal cubes comfortably but the efficiency in which it conducts heat works best with only two to three coals. If you like to get things going fast, it can be safely preheated on your coal burner without consequence; just don't use an open flame stove, only an electric element. It's worth mentioning that even though preheating is an option, the Phoenix gets heated quickly so preheating isn't actually necessary. If you choose to preheat, make sure you aren't using a heat temperamental tobacco so you don't prematurely burn your session because, just like the bird of legend, this Phoenix gets HOT!

HMD's are the perfect hookah accessory since they prolong the life of your coals, enhance the flavor of your hookah tobacco, and make managing your heat a breeze. HMD's are a must have companion accessory for any hookah enthusiast. Think about it. Who doesn't want to improve their sessions and save money at the same time?

The Phoenix HMD Specs
Brand Phoenix
Material Aluminum (6061-T6)
Colors Silver
Bowl Style Heat Management Device - Fits Over Top Of Hookah Bowl
Country of Manufacture United States
Dimensions Not Available
Grommet Compatibility Not Applicable
Variation Warning Version 2.0

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