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Hookah Flip
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Hookah Flip

3 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 386

Hookah Accessory Description

The Hookah Flip is definately an innovative idea, allowing you to smoke the Hookah upside down. The Hookah Tobacco or Herbal Molasses is placed in the top tray while the Hookah Charcoal is placed in the bottom tray, allowing the Shisha to be heated slowly and making your Hookah smoking session last much longer. The Hookah Flip also has an adjustable tray so you may raise or lower the Hookah Charcoal, making for perfect heat management.
The Hookah Flip includes two screens to secure the Shisha in place and to allow for better air circulation for the Hookah Charcoal. If you prefer, Hookah Foil may be used as an alternative to secure the Shisha in place. The Hookah Flip works with any standard Hookah and fits on the top the same way that you would secure a bowl onto the top of the Hookah. Experience the difference by trying the Hookah Flip today.
Hookah Flip Specs
Brand Hookah Flip
Material Brass - Guaranteed not to rust
Colors Silver
Bowl Style Egyptian Bowl Style - Fits Over Top of Hookah Stem
Country of Manufacture China
Dimensions Not Available
Grommet Compatibility This Hookah Bowl typically requires using a Chinese Rubber Bowl Grommet to connect this Hookah Bowl to the top of the Hookah stem. Click Here to view the Chinese Rubber Bowl Grommet.
Variation Warning Not Applicable

Customer Reviews(3)

Great Smoke!
I just got the flip. If you Like smoking hookah you'll love the flip.I giving it a 5 should be 10+ but 5 is as high as rate goes.
Review by David West from Pennsylvania United States
Posted 28 Nov 2012
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Use it all the time
Love using the hookah flip and ive been using it everyday since I got it. Theres some wear and tear though. The screw that holds the ash tray up has seized up so we have to use vice grips instead. I do agree with it being hard to set up and the smoke not being very thick, but if you set it up right, you can have thick clouds. We use 3 natural coals at a time, which tends to work nicely, and the coals last MUCH longer.

Its a great hookah bowl for partys, to risk of coals falling off and the flavour stays strong throughout the party. People usually care for the flavour at parties and the flip delivers on that
Review by Tyler-James Skakun from ON Canada
Posted 25 Feb 2012
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Good Idea and Well Made BUT not Practical
I bought this as I am a hookah junkie and like to try new things for the hookah. I have been smoking for 3 years. My comparison is the VORTEX ceramic top. I personally like ALOT of smoke and the Flip is not ideal for that it is not an easy setup compared to normal bowls and in addition only uses little amount of shisha and ALOT of coal. You need 2 normal size quick lites per bowl. It does not produce much smoke but does give a nice extraction of flavor. Great for people who like the flavor with less smoke. Keep in mind (based on my experience) the coal may go out sometimes due to the limited air intake to the coal chamber so might have to relight the coal on a stove or something. I would rate it as a 7 out of 10 for flavor extraction and 5 out of 10 for smoke volume. and I would say 9 out of 10 for quality of product. Takes a bit of practice to get a good bowl with it. If you like smoke with flavor go with the vortex.
Review by Edward Grace from South Carolina United States
Posted 29 Oct 2011
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