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Mya Freeze Hose
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Mya Freeze Hose

5 review(s)
In Stock
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Serial Number: 378

Hookah Accessory Description

Breathe the freeze with the introduction of the Mya Freeze Hose. This wide body washable hose is designed for everyday use, as the inside lining of the hose is made of a durable leather material that will not deteriorate in quality. To avoid rusting, the Mouth Tips are made out of a plastic material and are coated in order to repel water. In addition, the extra wide thickness of the hose allows for the smoke to pass through easily and effortlessly for a smoother smoking experience.

The Freeze Hookah Hose is unique as the plastic handle can be unscrewed and a non-toxic ice packet can be inserted into the handle and then screwed back together to create a cooler smoke. The non-toxic ice packets act just like ice cubes when frozen, allowing the smoke to cool when passing through the ice chamber. This cooling effect creates one of the smoothest and coldest Hookah smoking experiences available.

Unlike other Ice Hookah Tips in the market, this Freeze Hookah Hose (Ice Hookah Hose), comes as one complete kit (Complete Hose and Two Ice Packets) and the ice packets are much smaller and can easily be stored in a freezer without taking up too much room. The Freeze Hose is also much more affordable, includes a spare ice packet, and does not require the use of mouthpieces at the end of the hose. Choose the Freeze, not the frost bite!

If you are looking to order replacement ice packets for the Mya Freeze Hose, click here to view the Mya Icicles Set.

Free Mya Freeze Hose Promotion

Mya Freeze Hose Specs
Brand Mya Saray
Material Synthetic Leather
Length Approximately 72 inches
Characteristics Washable Hose Offering Cooling Effect (Contents: Complete Hose and Two Ice Packets)
Colors Black, Blue (Dark Blue), Light Blue (Sky Blue), Brown (Burgundy), Green, Pink, Red, White (Beige)
Country of Manufacture China
Disclaimer Not Applicable

Customer Reviews(5)

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I received this hose for free after applying the code when I ordered my Khalil Mamoon 'Hummer' hookah. It's hard to believe how a company like southsmoke with such low prices can afford to give away a great $20 hose like this.
My favorite thing about this hose, is that it's washable, if you don't know if your hose is washable or not, stick a magnet to it...if it sticks, it's not washable, if not, then it's washable. The great thing about washable hoses is that you don't have to worry about ever getting "ghost flavor" in your hose, you can just wash it out if you have this hose.
It also comes with two ice packs which is cool, you can use one, while the other one freezes over, and they don't take that long to freeze over, so this is great in the summer if you want that nice chilled taste to your hookah session.
The length of this hose is hands down dope. I'm a DJ at my local hookah lounge in Kentucky, and with this hose, I'm able to move around freely as much as I want not having to worry about knocking the hookah over and burning an unfortunate bystander (seen it happen before...too bad they weren't using the Mya freeze hose..)
Review by Hunter Miracle from Kentucky United States
Posted 03 Jul 2014
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409 out of 826 people found the following review helpful
Freeze Hose
This hose has two things going for it. Its a wide hose for a easy draw. The Ice system works. Compacted and stream lined, the Ice Packet holding handle is easy to use. If cared for this hose should last.
Review by andy l hopper jr from Florida United States
Posted 09 Nov 2011
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672 out of 1321 people found the following review helpful
Great freeze
This makes smoking the hookah that much better! Adds an extra touch that everyone loves! I can't go back to the regular hoses now.
Review by Sarah from California United States
Posted 05 Nov 2011
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748 out of 1388 people found the following review helpful
If ur thinking of buying this. U would like the coolest best smoke stop thinking order it now! A must-have!I'd rate it higher but is all u can it would rate 10.
Review by David West from Pennsylvania United States
Posted 13 Jul 2011
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732 out of 1351 people found the following review helpful
Freeze your Mind
5 stars ***** I got my hose today MYA has out done them Selves this time. Great wide hose Heavy Duty Plastic at both ends, very cold smoke Long 72" reach the handle is cool to the touch but not freezing, Nice handle design.
All around I plan to get more of these
Review by Hookah Science from Florida United States
Posted 06 Apr 2011
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710 out of 1386 people found the following review helpful