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Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Hookah Charcoal 45 Piece Box
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Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Hookah Charcoal 45 Piece Box

4 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 417

Fantasia Hookah Charcoal Description

The makers of Fantasia Hookah Tobacco have released their own brand of Natural Hookah Charcoals!

Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Hookah Charcoals are a patent-pending innovative Hookah Coal that are lit in the same way as other Natural Hookah Charcoals (with an Electric Stove Top, Grill, or Single Coil Burner). Once a thin layer of ash has surrounded the coal with no black showing, they're ready to be placed on your Hookah Bowl.

What sets these coals apart from the other natural hookah coals are they're not meant to be ashed off or rotated on the Hookah Bowl. The upside-down "V" design elevates the heat and allows for oxygen to flow through the coal, keeping it stoked throughout your smoke. Even while ash accumulates around the coal, it does not need to be removed as it does not hinder its performance.

Each box contains 45 pieces and each coal will last approximately 45 minutes each. It is recommended that you heat the charcoal on an electric stove or open flame before every smoke.

Fantasia Air-Flow Natural Hookah Charcoal 45 Piece Box Specs
Brand Fantasia
Style Non Quicklighting Charcoal
Shape Cube With Air-Flow Technology
Size 45 Piece Box (0.54 Kilo)
Country of Manufacture China
Burning Time 40-50 minutes per charcoal

Customer Reviews(4)

Great Coals
While I have not personally ordered these from this website, I have used them and have started only using these coals. The great thing about these coals is that, as advertised (and as long as you have proper heat management/packing technique) you really don't have to move them. They burn for a long time and don't smell or give off a taste after they're fully lit. These coals definitely take the management away from using coals with your hookah (for example having to flip other natural coals because it starts going out on the bottom due to lack of oxygen). I really recommend these!
Review by Kenneth Potter from Ohio United States
Posted 17 Feb 2015
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Set and Forget
This is a great coal that does what it advertises. Ignite it, set it and forget it throutout the whole session. Only con, it is abit pricey.
Review by Socrates from Attiki Greece
Posted 11 Jun 2013
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Fantasia charcoal
These charcoals are pretty good. They light quickly on stove top and they burn hot. But the mistake I made was when I opened them and looked at them. They look a lot bigger then say a coco nara. I also compared the size and they are a lot bigger. So I only used 2 on a vortex bowl. And I got unsatisfying results. I think they would do better with three though. Other than that. They burn great and for a very long time. Another note that you might or might not care about. They put off lots and lots of ash.
Review by Jake Young from Utah United States
Posted 21 May 2013
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Perfect for Minis
I often use cocanara for smoking but this is an interesting alternative. Theres no need to blow the coals. I mainly use these coals for my mini they are very neat and low maintance perfect for house you dont want to make a mess in. last avg about 45min-1hr. I give it 5 stars great natural coal
Review by Sonny Jackson from Michigan United States
Posted 04 Aug 2012
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