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Fancy Hose
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Fancy Hose

5 review(s)
Sale Price:
$2.99 ON SALE
Normal Price:
Serial Number: 430
Hookah Accessory Description

Whether you are looking for a durable Hookah Hose for everyday use, or a Hose that needs to be washed frequently, like in a Hookah Lounge, this Fancy Washable Hookah Hose does the job. The Fancy Hookah Hose proves to be unique, as the inside lining of the hose is made of a durable plastic material that will not deteriorate in quality and will not rust. The plastic handle removes for easy cleaning. In addition, the thickness of the hose allows for the smoke to pass through easily and effortlessly, making your hookah smoking experience even more enjoyable.



Fancy Hose Specs
Brand Fancy Hose
Material Plastic
Length Approximately 62 inches
Characteristics Washable Hose
Colors Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow (Amber)
Country of Manufacture China
Disclaimer Fancy Hose May Come Under Fancy Hose Name or Timas Hose Name; Both Hoses Are Identical And Are As Photographed Above

Customer Reviews(5)

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Wonderful Hose
I just purchased a couple of these hoses (pink and purple) and while the pink is more of an off red, it does provide an amazing smoke. The gage on the hose is huge, which will work in tandem with a large bore hookah such as Starbuzz or Khalil Mamoon. I definitely recommend this hose for anyone really as it is also washable as well as cheap, and you can actually see inside the main line for when it is time to toss and replace it.
Review by Kenneth Potter from Ohio United States
Posted 17 Feb 2015
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234 out of 458 people found the following review helpful
Just buy it...
It's a hose for $3. Despite the name it actually looks as cheap as it is, but it smokes fine, doesn't hold a flavor and it's very easy to clean, so I don't see any reason to spend more money on a hose.
Review by Goksu Bicer from New York United States
Posted 14 Dec 2014
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284 out of 550 people found the following review helpful
Oh, You fancy huh?
I really enjoy this hose its a nice durable house that you can reuse Clean out easily...Also can add a little color to your session. Doesnt add any flavors and so far doesnt hold any either! love it!
Review by Leland White from Illinois United States
Posted 02 Dec 2014
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269 out of 540 people found the following review helpful
Red Fancy Hose
I absolutely adore my fancy hose. It is so simple, so versatile, and just the staple for any smoking sessions. Great pull for all my shisha tobacco. The cleaning is a breeze! I smoke with the fancy hose, session after session after session. Simplicity wins in my book.
Review by Tural Akhmedov from West Virginia United States
Posted 26 Aug 2014
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324 out of 646 people found the following review helpful
great hose
It's easy to clean and doesn't have any taste with it. Pulls are a lot smoother and flavorful, this is probably the best value in a hose you can get and it's only $3. Get it
Review by Zubir Husein from Florida United States
Posted 24 Jan 2014
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464 out of 891 people found the following review helpful