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Exotica Square Finger Charcoal 1 Kilo Box
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Exotica Square Finger Charcoal 1 Kilo Box

5 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Serial Number: 278

Hookah Charcoal Description

Exotica Square Finger Charcoal 1kg Box is the first natural hookah charcoal in the shape of a square to be offered on the market. Exotica Hookah Coals are designed in a square shape so they do not leave a lot of ash and to prevent the hookah charcoal from rolling off the top of your Hookah Bowl. Exotica Square Finger Hookah Coals are natural and do not contain any quick lighting chemicals, being primarily used by either avid Hookah smokers or Hookah Lounges. These hookah charcoals are specifically designed for Hookah smoking, as they are odorless, tasteless, do not contain any chemicals, and do not crack.

Exotica Square Finger Charcoal is available in both the 150g Sample Box (12 Pieces) and the 1 kilo (2.2 pounds) box. It is recommended that you break the charcoal squares into smaller pieces (not more than 1") and heat on an electric stove or open flame before every smoke.

The Exotica Square Finger Charcoal 1 Kilo Box is ideal for Hookah users that smoke several times a month or with larger groups. 

Exotica Square Finger Charcoal 1 Kilo Box Specs
Brand Exotica
Style Non Quicklighting Charcoal
Shape Square Finger
Size 1 Kilo (2.2 Pounds) Box - Length of Coal is 5 inches
Country of Manufacture Syria / China
Burning Time 40-50 minutes per charcoal

Customer Reviews(5)

Light, set , smoke
I love these coals they break up easy you light em they light in like 6 min. They don't leave ashe all over it stays like a brick you don't have to flip em move em or really do anything I get a nice even burn great smooth non harsh smoke...Turns out a misscomunication still lead me to a Great Product thanks blake lol.
Review by Leland White from Illinois United States
Posted 14 Jan 2015
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334 out of 608 people found the following review helpful
finger coals
these coals are pretty good they burn for a long time heat management is a bit harder than cocobuzz or coconara coals but not bad. the one thing i do like is on a vortex bowl 2 coals will do the job saving you money. the flavor can be off sometimes but usally is solid my biggest issue is they put of lots of ash. get these if you are trying to save a little cash but still want a enjoyable hookah experience. but i would still recommend coconara or cocobuzz coals over these
Review by Jake Young from Utah United States
Posted 21 Aug 2013
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461 out of 1002 people found the following review helpful
my personal favorite
iv been using these for years they are fantastic. the ash from these stick to the coal so they dont fall into the bowl. everynow and then youll have to throw the coal into the ashtray to knock off ash...this may bother people but i find it a lot cleaner then ash blowing everywhere. they light easily off of eachother
Review by wolf
Posted 29 Feb 2012
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638 out of 1259 people found the following review helpful
Tried them... Liked them
I have been using the natural finger coals for years now. I figured it?s worth a shot trying something new. At first I DID NOT like these. They are hard to break; I had to chop them with an old blade just to get a piece off of it. BUT once I got them heated up, I actually noticed they lasted LONGER and were a little less ashy then the fingers that I?ve been using. Tip if you have these ? heat them up a little more then the ones you use. You can cut them better if you try an old knife, if you?re not safe chopping, use a rubber mallet or something you can use right to hit the blade down onto the coals. YES, it?s more work but I already spend 10 minutes setting up, another 4 isn?t bad.
Review by Matthew Smith from Nevada United States
Posted 09 Jun 2009
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1006 out of 1947 people found the following review helpful
very ashy, but burned quite awhile.

These work as backups?
Review by Tyler Anderson from Arizona United States
Posted 13 Dec 2008
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1038 out of 1971 people found the following review helpful