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CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Box
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CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Box

5 review(s)
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Serial Number: 302

Hookah Charcoal Description

CocoNara is the most popular natural coconut charcoal on the market. CocoNara Coconut Charcoals are compressed into individual rectangles so they do not leave a lot of ash and to prevent the charcoal from rolling off the top of your Hookah Bowl. CocoNara Coals are natural and do not contain any quick lighting chemicals, being primarily used by either avid Hookah smokers or Hookah Lounges. These charcoals are specifically designed for Hookah smoking, as they are odorless, tasteless, do not contain any chemicals, and burn three times longer than most other Charcoals on the market.
CocoNara Coconut Charcoal is available in a 20 Piece Box, 60 Piece Box, as well as a 120 Piece Box. The CocoNara 120 Piece Box allows for you to stock up on this authentic Coconut Charcoal at a reasonable price. It is recommended that you heat the charcoal on an electric stove or open flame before every smoke.

Limited Time Promotion:

Whether you're looking to stock up on CocoNara for the season or the entire year, we've got a fantastic offer just for you:

- Receive 4 Free CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Boxes with your purchase of 8 CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Boxes ($51.96 in FREE CocoNara).  

To receive credit for 4 Free CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Boxes with your order of 8 CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Boxes, simply add at least 12 CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Boxes to your shopping cart and then use the following promotional code: COCO MADNESS

For more details regarding the CocoNara Charcoal Madness Promotion, please click here.

CocoNara Coconut Charcoal 120 Piece Box Specs
Brand CocoNara
Style Non Quicklighting Charcoal
Shape Rectangle
Size 120 Piece Box (1 Kilo)
Country of Manufacture Indonesia
Burning Time 40-50 minutes per charcoal

Customer Reviews(5)

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Quality has gone way down!
We have used coca nara coals, and only coca nara coals, for 7 years. Over the past year we noticed the quality becoming very inconsistent.It started with just a few bad coals in each box. Then we started getting boxes with more bad coals than good. Ultimately, we were getting boxes with only bad quality coals.
The size was inconsistent, the color was very dark, they did not last as long as usual and they had a strong smell when lighting and the ash was very thick. I wrote a complaint to coca nara and was given zero explanation. I was sent a replacement box of coals that were all bad quality as well.
We switched to Fumari coals and we are very happy with them. We could go back to coca mara in a heartbeat if they quality went back to what it used to be.
Review by Jeremy Dupuis from Michigan United States
Posted 30 Jan 2018
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Nosedive in Quality
I am an avid hookah smoker and have been using Coco Nara for years. I generally buy my coals by the case from I've never had an issue until the past year. The last few cases that I've bought produced much more ash than I've been accustomed to, but the coals still burned decently, so I just rolled with it. This latest case, though, are the worst coals yet. In the past, I could light up a set of coals, put them on the bowl and not touch them again for the whole smoke session. These latest coals are terrible. The ash is a thick powder that clings to the coals that must be scraped off multiple times during a bowl. They don't last as long and do not burn as hot.
Review by Keith Claridy from Alabama United States
Posted 15 Jan 2018
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clean taste
these coconut coals are awesome, just make sure u have a electric coil stovetop or lighting will be a PAIN. i use this brand at home every day, love it!
Review by Eva Sunberg from Massachusetts United States
Posted 09 Dec 2014
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320 out of 626 people found the following review helpful
Best Natural Coals
Like everyone else is saying, these are the best natural coals on the market. Superb heat and long lasting.
Review by J Hump from Wisconsin United States
Posted 08 Nov 2014
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321 out of 651 people found the following review helpful
Best coal ever!!!!!
Coconaras are the best charcoal you can buy they burn evenly and last long. No other coal comes close. Anyone still using quick lights need to make the switch the hookah experience is 10 fold with maras
Review by NEIL AMIN from New Jersey United States
Posted 30 Jul 2014
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404 out of 774 people found the following review helpful