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Azure Gold Line: Premium Flavors 100g
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Azure Gold Line: Premium Flavors 100g

1 review(s)
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Serial Number: 867
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Azure Tobacco Description

Azure Gold Line Premium Flavored Tobacco hit the hookah market around 2017 and made its impression almost immediately; it's an impression that is most likely here to stay and for good reason. Azure is praised by enthusiasts everywhere for the overall accuracy of the flavor profiles and the sheer innovation behind the blends that they provide that can't be found anywhere else. Of course, the brand originates from Russia where Hookah smoking is a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

Azure Gold Line has a truly unique variety to choose from and their 100 gram pouches allow for Hookah users to sample what Azure Hookah Tobacco has to offer. This size is packaged in a plastic bag that is sealed for freshness. This package is resealable and recommended for shisha storage.

Azure Gold Line is a blonde leaf medium choppy cut hookah tobacco and is undyed with a natural brown coloring. It is moderately juicy and produces the best results when using a semi-fluff to normal pack in a phunnel bowl. Always mix up your tobacco to redistribute the juices and then sprinkle it in producing a fluff pack. If you prefer a little more density, then use your thumb and index to lightly drop in the tobacco up to the rim but not over. Azure takes heat really well so don't be hesitant to start with 3 hookah coals and work your way up accordingly depending on the size of the hookah bowlyou are using.

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How to Pack Flavored Tobacco

Azure Gold Line: Premium Flavored Tobacco 100g Specs
Brand Azure
Size 100g Pouch (Approximately .05% Nicotine)
Smoking Sessions Approximately 4 to 7 bowls
Country of Manufacture United States
Ingredients Tobacco, Molasses, Vegetable Glycerin, Preservatives, Natural Flavoring
Shisha Flavors Alaskan Ice, Baristas Choice (Sweet Coffee), Bermuda Mint (Strong Mint), Berrymania (Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Mix), Black Tea, Blueberry Muffin (Blueberry Dessert and Bread Mix), Boomerang (Red Gummi Bear Flavor), Cairo Crypt Tonight (Mint Cherry Mix), California Blue (Blueberry Mint), Candy (Sweet Candy), Carolina Peach (Natural Peach), Chai Masala (Chai Tea Latte), Cherry Muffin (Cherry Dessert and Bread Mix), Chocolate Cake (Chocolate Pastry), Chocolate Mint (Sweet Chocolate and Mint Mix), Cinnamon Cookies (Cinnamon Pastry), Citrusmania (Lemon, Lime, Rum Mix), Cocomania (Blueberry Coconut), Cosmos (Grapefruit and Raspberry Mix), Dubai Apple (Apple Licorice), Fun At The Beach (Tropical Fruit Mix), Grapemania (Grape and Mint Mix), Grow A Pear (Pear Mix), Hokkaido Melon, Lemon Muffin (Lemon Chocolate Dessert), Lemongrass (Citrus Lemongrass), Lifes A Peach, Lime, Limoncello (Lemon Cocktail), Lychee (Lychee Fruit), Mango Cheesecake (Sweet Mango and Bread Mix), Matcha Mint, Melon King (Blueberry, Lemon, Mint Mix), Melonmania (Sweet Melons), MexiCola (Mexican Cola), Moscow Never Sleeps (Raspberry Lime Mint), Napa Grape, Orange My Guava, Persian Rose, Pep Cream, Pina Colada (Pineapple and Coconut Mix), Pomegranate, Rio Mint, Root Beer, Route 66 (Passion Fruit, Sweet Melon & Mint), Royal Mango (Sweet Mango), Royal Queen (Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Mix), Royal Raspberry, Spiced Berry (Cinnamon Berries), Strawberry Guava, Strawberry Passion, Sweet Summer Sun (Milk, Citrus, Cereal Mix), Tomahawk (Citrus and Mint Mix), Tropical Citrus (Citrus Tropical Fruits), Tropical Paradise (Coconut and Tropical Fruits), Twisted Tea Bag (Citrus Tea), Unicorn (Spearmint Melon), Viva La Horchata (Cinnamon Rice Drink), Watermelon, White Gummi Bear (White Gummi Pineapple Mix), Winter Berries (Berries and Mint Mix), Winter Lemon, Winter Orange (Orange and Mint Mix), Winter Peach (Peach and Mint Mix), Winter Rose (Rose and Spearmint Mix)
Health Warning Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy
Age Restriction Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase flavored tobacco products

Customer Reviews(1)

Azure Rio Mint Review
Ordered this a few weeks ago, and finally got around to trying it. Unfortunately, I was out of my usual coals, so had to go with the quick lights I had available as a backup.

I am a mint lover, and of course the gold standards are either cane mint by Tangiers or Al Fahker. I wanted something different and I prefer peppermint flavor over spearmint or wintermint flavors. I just love that "candy" peppermint flavor. Azure definitely delivered. It's hard to smoke if you try to pull right away, as the "cool" effect feels a little overpowering and my lungs weren't able to take a full hit from the hose until after 30 minutes after getting it ready.

All that being said, I had had three bowls so far, have only found two pieces of stems, the shisha is easy to break up, btw, I pack it in a fluff method. TIP: Be gentle with the heat as it can affect the flavor, start low and go from there if you need more heat.

The best **** thing is that each bowl lasted almost two hours. Which is crazy considering that lately I have been getting about 30-45 minutes from Al Fahker mint, and honestly moved of the flavor is gone about 20 minutes in, so just for this, they get 5 stars.
Review by Harvey from Massachusetts United States
Posted 07 Apr 2021
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