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Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoals
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Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoals

3 review(s)
Product Discontinued
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Manufacturer Number: 325
Hookah Charcoal Description
Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoals are a high quality natural charcoal brand that is manufactured from the Lemon Wood tree. These Charcoals were manufactured in the Middle East by Al-Fakher, and are specifically designed for smoking with the Hookah. The Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoals are known for quality since they are odorless, as well as tasteless and do not interfere with flavor of the tobacco.

The Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoals comes in a 2 Kilo (4.4 pounds) bag, and contains enough Charcoals for approximately 170 bowls.

It is recommended that these Charcoals be used with an electric or gas stove, and be heated until they are red hot, which usually takes about three to four minutes.

Al-Fakher Lemon Wood Charcoal Specs
Non Quicklighting Charcoal
Place of Manufacture:
Middle East
Burning Time:
40-50 minutes per charcoal

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Product Reviews

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501 out of 907 people found the following review helpful
Meh, 13 Apr 2012
by Daniel from Washington United States

I've used quick lights, coconut and most recently these lemon wood coals and I'll be honest; they rank about second in that list. First of all when you first get these, you're gonna open the bag, look inside and see two sizes to these coals; extremely large ( as big as your average bowl if not bigger ) and extremely small ( about 3/4 the size of your thumb in both length and width ). So this obviously leads you to two choices: break the large coals in half leaving your hands sooty and blacker than Satan's soul or use the small coals and have it turn to ash within 20 to 25 minutes, not great choices. As far as smell and taste go, these are literal coals in every sense of the word, as in, burnt wood taken straight from afire and cooled off to be bagged, thus when on a burner they smell as if you have a camp fire going in your house. Now, the taste is ok; and by that I mean that you will only taste anything is if you put too large a coal on and it's burning your shisha, but that's obvious. Lastly, as I mentioned before, the smaller coals will turn to ash extremely quickly and even though not as long, the larger coals will too in time and when they do, they create a s*** load of ash! But overall, I'd give these 3 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend spending a little more money for a box of coconara though. Happy smoking!

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503 out of 1011 people found the following review helpful
AWESOME!, 07 Sep 2011
by Ricky P from New York United States

At first i thought, ok $9.00 for coals isn't bad at all. When i received my package in 2 days i nearly crapped myself. This was by far the hugest bag of coals I have ever seen. Using a butane torch they were no problem to light. This was my first time using anything other than quick lights and I am nothing but pleased with this product. For $9.00 you get a great deal. Two thumbs up!

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630 out of 1274 people found the following review helpful
Awesome as usual, 22 Sep 2010
by Terry Lowe from Florida United States

Order arrived in two days. Always a pleasant experience. Thanks again!

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