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Hookah Dictionary

Everything you need to know from A to Z
Hookah Dictionary

Ash Catcher - The round flat metal plate that is usually located under the bowl. This device catches loose ash from either the tobacco or charcoal, resulting in a cleaner smoke environment.

Base - The Glass Vase located at the bottom of the Hookah. The Base holds water and its purpose is to filtrate the smoke. The Base comes in different models, such as Jezebel, Crystal Ball, and Bell.

Bowl- This device is located at the top of the Hookah. The Bowl is the key to smoking with the Hookah, as it provides a place for evaporating the Flavored Tobacco. Bowls are usually made out of Clay, Stainless Steel, or Pyrex.

Charcoal- Can be either Quicklighting or Stove Top. Charcoals are placed on top of the Flavored Tobacco or Metal Bowl Screen in order to evaporate the Flavored Tobacco. Quicklighting Charcoals are lit with a match, while Olive Seed or Lemon Wood Charcoals are lit using a coiled stove.

Charcoal Pan- This device is used to hold the Quicklighting or Stove Top Charcoals during transportation. The Charcoal Pan is used primarily in Hookah Bars and Lounges, as its Stainless Steel material holds heat, keeping the Charcoals lit.

Charcoal Screen - Used instead of tin foil, this device is placed on top of the Flavored Tobacco and Bowl, and allows the Charcoal to evaporate, not burn the Flavored Tobacco.

Cleaning Kit - Contains brushes that are used to clean the Hookah after every use.

Filters- Even though the Hookah provides for a filtered smoke, a filter provides a more filtered smoke. The Filter is placed on or in the tip of the Hose.

Flavored Tobacco- Unlike dry Pipe Tobacco, Flavored Tobacco is moist, containing ingredients such as honey, molasses, and fruit. Flavored Tobacco is evaporated out of the Bowl of the Hookah. Flavored Tobacco comes in many flavors and brands, such as Al-Waha.

Grommet- There are three types of Grommets, Hose Grommets, Bowl Grommets, and Vase Grommets. Gromments are all sized differently to ensure that no smoke escapes while smoking with the Hookah. Hose Grommets attach the Hose to the Shaft; Base Grommets attach the Vase to the Shaft; Bowl Grommets attach the Bowl to the Shaft.

Hookah- Originating in Turkey, Hookahs are used to evaporate Flavored Tobacco, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience.

Hookah Travel Bag- An insulated and padded device that allows the Hookah to be stored and transported without the worry of the Hookah being damaged.

Hose- This device comes in many styles, including Cobra, Sheik, and Sword. The Hose is attached to the shaft, allowing the Hookah user to enjoy the smooth taste offered from the Flavored Tobacco.

Mouthpiece- Mostly used in Hookah Bars, Mouthpieces serve as a sanitary device. This device is placed on the tip of the Hose and allows many people to smoke out of the same Hose, using different Mouthpieces.

Nargile- See Hookah.

Release Valve - Located on the Shaft, this device allows smoke to escape from the chamber by blowing into the Hose. This device also ensures that water does not travel up the Shaft into the Bowl.

Rubber Stoppers - Use on Multiple Hose Hookahs, Rubber Stoppers are placed where the Hose would be placed in the shaft, allowing a Multiple Hose Hookah to accomodate the exact number of Hookah smokers.

Shaft - This device either comes in Stainless Steel or Brass. The Shaft is the heart of the Hookah, connecting the Hose, the Bowl, the Base, and Ash Catcher together.

Shisha- See Flavored Tobacco.

Snap On Tray- See Ash Catcher.

Tongs- This device is used to hold and place the Charcoals on the Metal Bowl Screen so the Charcoal does not burn the Hookah user.

Vase- See Base.

Vase Protector- This device is placed on the bottom of the Base, making the Base harder to tip or break.

Water Pipe- See Hookah.

Wind Cover- This device is placed over the Bowl, resting on the Ash Catcher. Its primary purpose is to retain heat within the Bowl, allowing for the Flavored Tobacco to stay lit outdoors. This device is also used to prevent the Charcoals and Flavored Tobacco from coming off the Hookah during wind storms.