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Hookah 101

Become more familiar with your hookah

Hookah 101 is an Introductory Course for the novice Hookah user that is interested in becoming more familiar with the basics that are involved when smoking with the Hookah. By the time you've finished this course, you'll know everything there is to know about hookah.

Hookah Dictionary

Not familiar with the linguistic terms used to describe a hookah pipe? Need further insight regarding the different components and how they work with the hookah? The Hookah Dictionary is a complete source for all the terminology associated with a hookah.

Hookah Anatomy

Identify the different parts of the hookah from top to bottom. By studying a visual representation of a hookah pipe, you will be able to piece together the many terms that were learned from the Hookah Dictionary section.

Hookah Setup

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your hookah and begin smoking. From assembling your hookah to packing shisha tobacco in a bowl and lighting quick light or coconut charcoal, you are sure to master every angle of the Hookah Setup process.

Hookah Etiquette

Learn from the hookah experts what is considered to be the proper guidelines when smoking shisha. The Hookah Etiquette section covers the dos and don'ts when using the hookah whether it be at home with friends, in a modern western hookah lounge, or the traditional hookah customs.

Hookah Maintenance

Maintenance is defined as the work of keeping something in proper condition. Maintaining your hookah is essential if you are interested in prolonging the life of your shisha pipe and obtaining the smoothest, most refreshing smoke that the shisha tobacco has to offer. Many misconceptions exist as to what is considered to be the proper way of cleaning a hookah. has the answers to your Hookah Maintenance questions.

Hookah History

Go back in time to learn where the hookah originated and discover what has changed with the development of the hookah over the past century.