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Afzal Shisha

Afzal Shisha

Afzal Tobacco Hookah Molasses is a benchmark of quality and trust for hookah tobacco connoisseurs. World-renowned for their consistency, flavor and smoothness. A blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and natural flavors from around the world. With over 40 creative flavors, Afzal Hookah Tobacco appeals to the personal preference of any hookah enthusiast.

A go-to brand for many hookah lounges and individuals alike worldwide. With a fluff pack in your hookah bowl, Afzal Hookah Tobacco will have you blowing thick clouds and enjoying a world class traditional hookah smoking experience.

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Hookah Flavors Catered to You by Afzal Tobacco

Comparable to Al Fakher as far as tradition and culture, Afzal Tobacco is also always looking to improve and grow in the hookah community. They take customer feedback seriously and have transformed hookah flavors to cater to specific markets. Starting new lines and hookah flavored tobacco profiles to accommodate the palates of different countries around the world. New tastes that match the tradition of Afzal Hookah Tobacco; strong, long lasting and amazingly smooth.

The Tastes of Afzal Hookah Tobacco

The expansive line of 40 hookah tobacco flavors that make up Afzal Tobacco can be broken down into five categories - Fruit, Spicy, Cool, Sweet and Beverage. The most popular Afzal flavored tobaccos are paan flavors as they have mastered the Indian taste. But, Afzal Hookah Tobacco carries flavors that will pique the interest of any hookah smoker.

Try All of the Premium Flavors of Afzal at

Come see the whole lineup of Afzal Tobacco flavors in 50g, 250g and 1kg sizes at! Whether you just want to try out some new hookah flavors or stock up on your favorite from Afzal, we have you covered. Light up your hookah charcoal and enjoy the premium hookah session only available from Afzal Hookah Tobacco.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Afzal Tobacco?

Afzal Hookah Tobacco is a blend of quality Indian tobacco leaves, molasses, and natural flavors from around the world meant to be smoked from a hookah pipe. Afzal Shisha has over 40 hookah flavors to choose from in 5 flavor categories: fruit, spicy, cool, sweet, and beverage.

What flavor is Afzal Pan Raas?

Indian Paan is a traditional treat in Indian culture and throughout Southeast Asia. A mix of spices, floral preserves, and nuts rolled into a spicy betel leaf chewed or eaten for its stimulant effects. Afzal Pan Raas is a popular shisha flavor that embodies this traditional taste.

What is the best Afzal Hookah flavor?

The most popular Afzal Tobacco flavor is Pan Raas, by far. Other beloved paan flavors from Afzal Shisha include Bombay Pan Masala, Pan Fusion, and Coco Pan.