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Anatomy Of A Hookah

Identifying the different parts of your hookah

Anatomy of a Hookah Hookah Dictionary

Snap On Tray

Snap-On Tray
This device is located under the bowl and catches loose ash from either the tobacco or charcoal, resulting in a cleaner smoking environment.

Pyrex Bowl

Pyrex Bowl
This part is located at the top of the Hookah and provides a place for evaporating the Hookah tobacco. Bowls are usually made out of Stainless Steel, Pyrex, Porcelain, Clay, or Ceramic.

Bowl Grommet

Bowl Grommet
Grommets usually provide for a universal fit and ensure that no smoke escapes while smoking the Hookah. Bowl Grommets attach the Bowl to the Shaft.

Hose Grommet

Hose Grommet
Grommets usually provide for a universal fit and ensure that no smoke escapes while smoking the Hookah. Hose Grommets attach the Hose to the Shaft.

Base Grommet

Base Grommet
Grommets usually provide for a universal fit and ensure that no smoke escapes while smoking the Hookah. Gromments are all sized differently to ensure that no smoke escapes while smoking with the Hookah. Base Grommets attach the Base to the Shaft.

Custom Hose

Custom Hose
This part comes in many styles, including Washable, Cobra, Sheik, Sword, Tunsi, etc. The Hose connects to the shaft and allows the Hookah user to enjoy the smooth taste offered from the Hookah tobacco.

Glass Base

Glass Base
The base is either made of glass or acrylic and is located at the bottom of the Hookah. The base holds water which filtrates the Hookah tobacco.

One Way Valve

One-Way Valve
This device allows smoke to escape from the chamber by blowing into one of the Hoses.

Stainless Steel Shaft

Stainless Steel Shaft
This device is the heart of the Hookah, connecting the Hose(s), bowl, base, and Hookah tray together.


Hookah Parts

How many hookah parts are in a single hookah? Even if you clean your hookah after every use, you still might not be familiar with each and every part. However, proper assembly is critical to enjoying hookah smoking to the fullest, and it all starts with this basic knowledge. So, don't worry - we at SouthSmoke.com are here to guide you through the entire anatomy of a hookah, detailing all the hookah parts from the bottom of the vase to the tip of the bowl.

Anatomy of a Hookah - The Essential Hookah Parts

A hookah is made up of more hookah parts than you'd think. On average, there are nine primary hookah parts you need to know. Whatever the size or number of hoses, most hookah pipes will resemble this layout.

On top is the hookah bowl (A). This is where your shisha is placed. It is usually made from clay, ceramic, porcelain, or even stainless steel. The bowl connects to the shaft via a bowl grommet (B). This provides a tight, secure fit and ensures no smoke escapes through any unwanted gaps. Beneath that is the hookah tray(C), which catches ash as it falls down from the coals. These three parts makes up the top-most hookah parts.

Next is the hookah shaft (D). Usually made from metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, and even stainless steel (or glass, in the case of Vapor Hookah’s all-glass hookahs), the shaft is the centerpiece of the hookah. It connects the hose, bowl, base, and tray together. Attached to the shaft is a one-way hookah valve (E), which connects the hose to the stem. A stem can have multiple valves if it is a multi-hose hookah to accommodate more smokers. At the end of the stem is the hookah vase (F), a glass or acrylic bottom that holds water, which filtrates the hookah tobacco.

You smoke through a hookah hose (G), which attaches onto the valve. Other parts include the base grommet (H), which attaches the vase to the shaft, and finally the hose grommet (I), which attaches the hose to the vase. Both grommets are used to prevent smoke from escaping while smoking.

Hookah Assembly

Half the work of knowing how to assemble a hookah is having all the right hookah parts. After that, it's all a matter of piecing them together in the order we have described above or laid out in our hookah diagram. Be sure you have every part you need when you piece together your hookah! Knowing how to properly build a hookah ensures you'll have flawless smoke sessions every time.