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Clay Bowl
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Clay Bowl

5 review(s)
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Serial Number: 50

Hookah Accessory Description

This Clay Bowl resembles the Traditional type of Clay Bowl that has been used to smoke Flavored Tobacco for centuries. This glossy brown clay bowl is very sturdy, and will most likely fit on any type of Hookah. This type of Clay Bowl is preferred by Hookah smokers who are looking to cater their Hookah with a more Traditional type of bowl. The Clay Bowl provides for many benefits, as it does not stain or rust, is easy to clean, and retains a large amount of heat when smoking with the Hookah.

The Clay Bowl can hold approximately 20 grams of Flavored Tobacco.

Traditional Clay Bowl Specs
Material: Clay
Color: Glazed Brown
Universal Make: Yes





Customer Reviews(5)

No two bowls alike I WANT MORE
One of my favorite things about this bowl is that new two bowls are a like. I have two that I use One is shallow and i use for shorter sessions One is deeper and I use it for longer sessions. They each have their own nice style and I love it!
Review by Leland White from Illinois United States
Posted 02 Dec 2014
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21 out of 42 people found the following review helpful
this bowl is huge
This bowl is rather large. It is larger than both my vortex bowls, phunnel and mods. It can hold a lot of shisha. The 5 holes are quite large in size as well such that even during overpacks the pull is quite easy. In my experience, requires 3 coconut coals with no cover to get the best experience!
Review by Tural Akhmedov from Florida United States
Posted 02 Oct 2014
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47 out of 95 people found the following review helpful
Egyptian clay bowl
This is a excellent bowl it works great holds the heat and slowly burns the shisha with little coal needed and if it does not fit well you can pickup a cheap bowl grommet.
Review by william tedder from Florida United States
Posted 28 Jul 2012
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Clay all the way!
Personally, I prefer clay bowls over ceramic because they do not retain heat as well, thus, the smoke is smoother and requires less maintenance.
Review by Rachael Haas from Texas United States
Posted 07 Nov 2011
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327 out of 663 people found the following review helpful
Great Bowl
Its shallow and holds heat well. Its like a "Dutch Oven" for Shesha. I never not cook all my Shesha with this style bowl. Great for Dryer Sheshas. I line mine with foil, cut draft holes around the rim and cover tight. No drips down the stem and always lots of clouds.
Review by andy l hopper jr from Florida United States
Posted 06 Nov 2011
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