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Multiplier Effect


> What's all this talk about the Multiplier Effect?


The Multiplier Effect has taken reality with the introduction of multi-hose adaptable stems offered by Mya Saray. All Medium and Large Mya Saray Hookahs typically come setup as a 1-Hose model. Now, you have the ability to make your Hookah 2-Hoses, or 3-Hoses by unscrewing the caps built into the stem and replacing them with Stem Adapters. By unscrewing the release valve as well, you have the ability to convert your Hookah into a 4-Hose model. The additional valves that are used to make your Hookah multi-hose are equipped with auto-seal. Auto-Seal allows you to smoke a multi-hose Hookah without having to put your thumb at the end of the hose to cut off air flow when someone is smoking. Instead, the ball bearing that is built into the stem adapter takes care of the work by cutting off the air flow, making your Hookah smoking experience more enjoyable. So next time you go to setup your Mya Hookah to smoke, you now have the control and ability to choose how many hoses you would like to make your Hookah.

> Which Mya Hookah models have multi-hose capability?


The following Mya Saray Hookahs may be converted up to 2-Hoses:

The following Mya Saray Hookahs may be converted up to 4-Hoses:

> How can I take advantage of this offer and make my Hookah adaptable up to 4-Hoses?


Normally, it costs approximately $30 for Three additional Washable Hoses and an additional $21 for Three additional stem adapters to make a Mya Hookah 4-Hoses, costing a total of $51. With the Multiplier Effect promotion, receive either One Washable Hose and One Stem Adapter to make your Hookah a 2-Hose model or Three Washable Hoses and Three Stem Adapters to make your Hookah a 4-Hose model for only $10, a savings of up to $40 off the regular price.
To take advantage of this unbeatable offer and upgrade your Mya Hookah to either 2-Hoses or 4-Hoses for only $10, simply follow the instructions listed below:
1) Purchase and add one of the Mya Hookahs listed above that can either be upgraded to 2-Hoses or 4-Hoses to your shopping cart.
2) On the main shopping cart page, scroll to the bottom portion to locate the Discount Coupon field.
3) Type MULTIPLIER EFFECT in the Discount Coupon field and click "Apply Discount."
4) Your shopping cart will reflect the Multiplier Effect Promotion.
5) Complete the online checkout process.
6) Make sure you're available when the shipping carrier attempts delivery of your order.
7) Enjoy smoking your new Mya Hookah and having the choice of upgrading your Hookah to 2-Hoses, 3-Hoses, or 4-Hoses.
This promotion is available for customers worldwide and cannot be combined with any other promotions, discounts, or incentives. This offer is valid from November 1, 2008 through December 31, 2014. Orders placed before or after this promotional period will not be eligible to receive One additional Washable Hose and One additional Stem Adapter or Three additional Washable Hoses and Three additional Stem Adapters. This offer is subject to change at any time without prior notice. 

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