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Proposed Tax Increase May End Hookah Industry in US

Dear Friends and Fellow Hookah Enthusiasts,
We are writing you in regards to a new House Bill being proposed to raise the tax on pipe tobacco to help fund new Healthcare programs. This proposed tax increase will make it nearly impossible for our industry to survive, and may completely wipe out Hookah tobacco in the United States. The name of the Bill in question is the Tobacco Parity Act of 2010, or H.R. 4439. If this Bill were passed, it would effectively raise the tax rate on Hookah tobacco from $2.8311 per pound to $24.78 per pound. Converted to kilos, this would equal an extra $54.52 tax per kilo, or an extra $13.63 tax per 250g jar on all Hookah tobacco sold in this country.
To view more on this Bill, follow this link:

We need to act now before this Bill gains Federal support. This proposed increase will negatively affect everyone from distributors, wholesalers, retail stores, lounges, and even consumers. The first thing you can do is to write your local House of Representatives and voice your opposition to this Bill. Whether you are in the industry or are simply a Hookah enthusiast, your voice does matter.
Follow this link and contact your local House Representative:

The next thing you can do is to contact the Committee of Ways and Means. This is one of the oldest Committees in the Congress, and it also plays a big role in the House of Representatives.
Follow this link to contact the Chairman as well as the local Representative for your state:
This letter is just a start. We all need to do everything we can to keep this Bill from being passed. Not only does it represent a tax increase lethal to our industry, it represents one more piece of legislation that hinders our freedom of choice; the very freedom this country was founded on. Regardless of your role in the world of Hookah, we strongly urge you to spread the word on this matter. Tell your friends, family, local media, State Officials? Let's put an end to this before it advances any further. Let your voice be heard!

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