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The Frost Hookah
 The Frost: 31" Multiple Hose Hookah

Model: 31" Multiple Hose Hookah

Style: Mya Saray Hookah

Colors Available: Amber, Black, Blue, Ruby

Accessories: Premium Hookah Tongs, Porcelain Bowl, Rubber Grommets, 74" Washable Hose (Solid Matching Color), Hard Style Carrying Case, Setup Instructions

Econo Mya Diablo Hookah
 Econo Mya Diablo: 24" Multiple Hose Hookah

Model: 31" Multiple Hose Hookah

Style: Mya Saray Hookah

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, Ruby

Accessories: Retail Style Box, Premium Hookah Tongs, Porcelain Bowl, Rubber Grommets, 74" Washable Hose (Solid Matching Color), Setup Instructions

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